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    +6 GMT to +10GMT Kinships


    Me and my buddy are looking for a Kinship that bases around this time zone (from +6 to +10 GMT) Chiefly because it'll be easier to play and get to know the rest of the kinship.

    Are there any active and respectable Kinships out there in this timezone?

    I am a Level 33 Champion (Race: Man)
    My buddy's a Level 32 Guardian (Race: Man) also

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    Re: +6 GMT to +10GMT Kinships

    Greetings, Nomadil & Friend

    I am Ashlos from Keepers Vow. If I have my time zones right then your GMT is based very early in the morning compared to the server time. If I am wrong I apologies. From that bases however I will give you Keepers Vow estimated activity levels through out the day.

    For regular weekdays Keepers Vow is very active between 5:00pm - 11:00pm Server Time.
    During the Weekends (Friday and Saturday) however, that time is greatly extended from 12:00pm -12:00am and up Server Time.

    Like any other Kinship we do have our slow times, from my own experience this is during the week and greatly on Sundays between 2:30am - 9:00am Server Time.

    From the activity levels of Keepers Vow, I'd say you could decided on your own if this fits your play time to enjoy the game. If not, I hope to see you in game and maybe get to group and play with friends.

    Officers you can contact are:

    Draggrim, Beaukane, Ashlos, Rollam, Tokar, Ashran, Pinkfloyd, Vuren, Adelred

    -Ashlos of Keepers Vow



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