we have started a kinship we are at lifespan 4 1 week till lifespan 5 focused on crafting and have almost all crafts mastered and many artisian we are more low lvl right now for 7 to 35 we have 2 houses available to kiship use and storage acces with extra stuff for members always helping each other out making new stuff u just have to collect crafting matrials and if you dont need stuff trade with the other players or gift no rules no expectations its just how friedly each player is we will help with quest questions anything u need to know just looking for some new people for people to play with us we play most nights from 10 pm to 6 am pacific time we are in washington but looking for people from anywhere who play those hours looking to share and help out. we are saving now for the biggest kinship house we can buy and to fuly decorate it.