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    Keepers Vow is Recruiting

    What is Keepers Vow? We are a fun-loving Kinship of individuals who have come together under the banner of PvE goodness. We have started to Raid. We accept individuals from any time zone, walks of life, new to Lord of the Rings or a long standing player, provided they can meet the respectful, but fun environment that is Keepers Vow. If you seek a Kinship, bound by friendship and good times while striving to be the best we can be, feel free to look around and check us out. www.keepersvow.guildportal.com

    What else will Keepers Vow Offer if you become a Member? Besides a respectful and fun active environment. Keepers Vow offers all members use of a Ventrilo Server, Website with posting of events, and Forums. An Item Lottery - Because Keepers Vow is mindful of our Free to Play members of Lord of the Rings Online. Keepers Vow also Instance's together, Raids, and Helps out on Quests. We Trade and Craft Items from all Vocation's. Soon we will also have our own Kinship Home for all Members to enjoy.

    Any Restrictions on Keepers Vow Recruiting? Keepers Vow prides it's self on an open arm policy of recruiting, aslong as that member is willing and able to ahear to the simple request of being respectful to members of Keepers Vow and players of Lord of the Rings Online. Inflammatory posts, callout threads, disrespect to those who have earned none – these will not be condoned.

    How Can you Get an Invite? Contact our Officers through In-game Tell or Mail. OR Post here and Ashlos will be in contact with you!

    Officer's you can contact are below. We Hope to Hear from you soon!

    Draggrim, Beaukane, Ashlos, Rollam, Tokar, Asharn, Pinkfloyd, Vuren, Adelred

    -Keepers Vow
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