As stated in the title im a LOTRO newbie.

But i have a couple of level 10 characters, and im no stranger to the MMO bracket. Been playing MMO's since UO Beta Trial. (Ultima Online Beta for those who dont know)

Im a 28yr old Male who works nights... i have every Wednesday and Weekends off. But as I work nights I keep to the same sleeping routine. My play times are from 8am-10am then from 7pm-9pm workdays. And I can play from 7pm - 7am on days off. (Times are central US)

Im looking for a serious mature active kinship. No new kins need apply. Medium to large sized with at least a few people who play nights. (or all if possible =p) Im generally very easy going and slow to anger for most things.

Ive been in quite a few, and lead quite a few guilds in my day... Im able to run partys easily (once familiar with the quest and game mechanics) and keep them on track.

If I sound like someone who you think can help your kinship simply send me an ingame mail to character 'Halgurd'

Thanks for Reading