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Thread: New player...

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    Cool New player...

    So, besides the smell I wanted to see who else is about

    But in all honesty, I am a new player - long time DDO player, but very, very new here, and finding that things are, as one expects, vastly different than DDO.

    Any suggestions, recommendations to a new player?

    I have only played a guardian/defender up to about 7, and am looking to what else I might play. VIP for a while - I like to do AOE damage if melee (my guard died once with 6 or so blue goblins because no AOE and one target slow kills resulted in my death as well).

    Thanks in advance for the suggestions

    (does anyone else smell that?)

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    Re: New player...

    Well, if you like AoE damage and melee, go Champion. That's their schtick.

    Other than that, I suggest you take the time to browse the class forums and look for new player guides. There's a bunch of information out there about how each class plays. Don't be afraid to reroll if you're not having fun with something, either.

    Guardians can have some issues with slow killing, it's true. At your level, I'd suggest you try to find some Throwing Axes or similar consumable ranged weapon so you can pull small groups to advantageous positions and not get overwhelmed. That, or fellowship up with whatever DPS types are in the area and let them spank while you tank. For short periods, you can easily handle a large group of non-signature/elite mobs; my Guardian does it all the time. The only problem I have is keeping aggro high enough to overcome the little lady's Hunter hate-generation.

    EDIT: Oh, I suppose I shouldn't have posted in this thread. I actually don't have any characters on Dwarrowdelf... :blush:
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    Re: New player...

    6 or so mobs solo is bad news for almost any class if they're on level, from my experience. I'd say 4 is about the sweet spot where you're being challenged but aren't reliant on potion popping to stay up at one time or another. Now, really high level Wardens can handle 6 and up due to our AOE threat leeches, if it's well played. Other classes at higher levels may have a similar skill accumulation that enables them to mob greater numbers. But regardless of champ or guard or warden or hunter you're not going to be able to pull 6 at low levels and survive very often, so I wouldn't make that your goal.

    Mister Underhill is right though, Champs are the AOE melee class. Wardens don't get AOE until 40s and that's more or less just survivability not damage dealing. So your choices for melee DPS are varied: Champions are the main one, then there's Captains who are more of a support hybrid, Burglars who are fairly self-explanatory, and then Guardians/Wardens whose DPS is secondary to tanking roles(Guards get an Overpower stance later that gives them a single target DPS edge).
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    Re: New player...

    I'm a bit late to this party, but yes, champs are awesome for AoE DPS. If you're into solo play, it's always a good time to wade into a bunch of mobs and let it fly - DPS race FTW!

    Many of the new player guides are very nice, and some aren't that great. One thing you'll find is that there isn't a single centralized location of all the info you could need unless you really like wading through forum searches. The lorebook and lotro-wiki.com are both incomplete in many areas.

    Oh, and avoid the Bree chat. My main's Ordun - if you see me around, feel free to say hi.



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