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    Scions of Feanor

    "Feanor was the second high king of the Noldor, who (in a effort to recover the simarils) led the elves in rebellion against the Valar in pursuit of Morgoth, the first dark lord, to middle earth. Feanor was the greatest of all the elves in spirit and intellect, though his reign of the Noldor was short lived due to impatience and the cunning of Morgoth."

    The Scions of Feanor are a medium sized kinship that greatly values friendly, mature and active members. The kin is comprised of lower and higher levels. It is currently at max capacity for lower levels (20 and below) and is currently seeking mid to higher levels (25 and above). The lower level cap may change due to leveling of it's members, so please see an officer to see if a position is available if you are a lower level. Level 25 and above are always free to apply for kinship.
    The Scions of Feanor strongly believe in creating a close kin where you are more than just a random name. With this interest, the kin will always remain medium sized and encourages those who are seeking a long term kin to apply.

    The kin is heavily interested in crafting. Thus, it has several kin armorers and weaponsmiths. It has also started regular skirmish days for kin members.

    Please contact/message an officer for more information or interest.

    Recruitment Contact:

    -Isabelle, Founder
    -Osori, Successor
    -Eric, Recruitment Officer

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    Re: Scions of Feanor

    Uh I would just like to make a quick correction to the post here. The Successor who is infact me, is not named Osori lol the name is Orosi.



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