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    Skirmish Pets bugged and often Stuck .. Fix ?? Pls ?? Hopefully soon...

    1st >>> The Herbalist Soldier is usally stuck somewhere while i fight and die, he just stands somewhere with some Questionmarks above his head and does nothing.

    2nd >>> The Mellee pets are often standing still in battle ready mode doing nothing.

    3rd >>> The Sage and Archer often get stuck and do nothing

    BUT FIRST PLEASE Fix this HERBALIST... he doesnt use his skills well, he just heals what he wants and not whats needed 1st. I have nothing from a Healer pet that heals NPCs that dont need heals, instead of me.

    The AI of these Soldiers is horrible and often leads to frustration when skirmishing.

    Why dont you Fix the Soldiers AI Turbine ???? Why do you accept such a **** quality in such a good game ?

    This is my 2nd month and i am currently not in the mood anymore to pay for a 3rd month. i find bugs and more bugs the longer i play that should have been fixed since years when i follow this forum. It seems Turbine is extremly slow in fixing bugs but even faster in releasing new expansions.

    How about Quality 1st ?? then work on Expansions...

    Well there must be a reason that this game went FREE TO PLAY and i think the reason is that either many players left early, left frustrated after a while or just didnt start because the others warned them before they started.

    p.s i dont care about Fanboys that appear now and tell me how great their Soldiers work and that they never had any problems with them.. i dont believe that... thnx
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