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    Question Best DPS Class???

    What class with the proper gear, and stats, can do the most OVERALL DPS?? (single or Multi-target) Vote!!! And, leave proof of ur vote!(numbers,pictures etc)

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    Re: Best DPS Class???

    Its weird no one has responded. I would say champions are best dps.

    Hunters for ranged, of course.

    After that.... no idea. Rk is almost always bracketed healer, which is a shame because they are good dps.

    Guardians are actually great dps if in dps mode.

    Loremasters, minstrels, captains... all decent dps, but the top dps is champions, hunters and (dps) rk.

    Ummm I left out burglers. They boost dps incredibly but by themselves are not dps.

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    Re: Best DPS Class???

    I have another version of this that is absolutely hilarious but would probably get me forum banned.
    [SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkOrange]"[I]… kittens give Morbo gas. In lighter news, the city of New New York is doomed.[/I]"[/COLOR][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=1][COLOR=Red]- Morbo the Annihilator[/COLOR]



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