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    Did you make any changes to your skirmish setup after the F2P marks refund?

    While I wait for the EU servers to come back online, I thought I'd post something that I originally put on the EU forums a couple of days ago (please be as specific as possible when replying ):

    As some of you many already know, when Free to Play arrives any skirmish marks spent on ranking our Soldier, their skills etc. will be refunded to us. This gives us a great opportunity to correct any ‘mistakes’ we may have made with our skirmish setup. So, I’m very interested to know what has and hasn’t worked for you.

    When searching through posts both on here and the US forum for advice on Soldiers and stuff, I often see things like ‘I gots me a RK and use a Herby, yo’ and that’s more or less it. What would probably be much more helpful is if people could be more specific. By all means, end your sentences with ‘yo’ if you must, but why not also tell us what skills your Soldier uses? And what about your Personals? What’s good for a RK, hmm?

    I’m particularly interested to know what Ultimates people like and don’t like, since these are pretty expensive to buy.

    To get the ball rolling, here’s my setup on my Hunter and Herbalist:


    Ultimate: Words of Healing
    Nature's Power
    Herbs of Boundless Endurance
    Nature's Cure

    Since Soldier AI isn’t too great, I decided to go for the Over Time skills since that way even if a skill isn’t used at the ideal time, I’ll hopefully still get some benefit from it when I need it most. As for the Ultimate, I gave serious consideration to both the HoT and the PoT, and just picked the one I felt would be more useful overall. Since then I’ve played with people using the PoT and have to say that both are really great. You probably can’t go wrong with whichever one you choose.


    Healing Done (for obvious reasons!)
    Defensive Training (considered Armour Training, but figured that it’s better they avoid getting hit at all than get hit and take a little less damage)
    Resurgent Power (you’ll be getting an Ultimate Skill either at level 45 or 50, and without RP slotted they’ll soon run out of power)
    Resurgent Morale (she’s tanking for me so this makes sense)


    Eagle's Flight
    Piercing Might
    Defender's Bane

    Two Personals that I considered and rejected are Bow-master and Invigoration. I didn’t see how Bow-master would benefit me all that much since I’m already at the Ranged Critical Rating cap (and even +1200 to my RCR only gives an extra 1.2% to my Dev Crit Chance, so I felt something else would be more useful here). With Invigoration, the increase to Incoming Healing Rating appears small, so I'd have thought that the difference it makes is minimal (please correct me if I’m wrong).

    Oh, finally, I’ve had a couple of people say to me in-game that the order in which you slot your Soldier’s skills determines how often they use each skill, with the skill in the first slot being used more often that the skill in the second slot, and so on. Does anyone know if we’ve ever had official confirmation of this?

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    Re: Did you make any changes to your skirmish setup after the F2P marks refund?

    Well at least this Yankee is not ending every sentence with yo. Excepting the previous sentence, of course.
    Anyhow, I say if its working for you, level it up in the same way you have it.
    Many people had leveled several soldiers not really knowing their capabilities, and ended up settling on a particular one, so they really won out because they could simply level the one they wanted rather than all of the previous helpers.

    For my burg, I ended up using the marks to finish out my level 45 class quest deeds, then ground out a few more marks to get my soldier back up.
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    Re: Did you make any changes to your skirmish setup after the F2P marks refund?

    I sure did! I went from a maxed out sage, to a rank 1 sage. When you realize how many marks you've put into your soldier, you won't want to put them back in. If all you're going to be running is t1s there's really no need to level a soldier. Being able to get SM from any classic scalabe instance really makes skirmishes useless, other than to getind out a few hundred skirmishes to get the last few you need for a symbol or gear. Running Great Barrow at level 30 can get you just about the same amount of SM as a level 65 skirmish.
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