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    Concerning Helegrod runs, and class set armour

    As I have searched for a Helegrod raid recently, I only found ones which were running the various wings for "daily quests". None of them (or maybe one or two I forgot about) were attempting a full run of any wing, and I actually had to start one of my own to accomplish that... also, full runs on each of the first three wings are needed to unlock the Thorog encounter.

    One thing in common between all these daily quests is that they award Helegrod Marks, which are needed to obtain class set armour, and other loot. As it is, full runs are not needed to earn that armour... and I do not see any other serious motivation to do any full runs in those instances.

    This is an excellent example of why having rare, valuable loot drops is an important thing.

    When Radiance is removed from LOTRO (and therefore having gear no longer be a prerequisite), perhaps this other issue might be resolved by having level-restricted barter items (ie. Minor Scale of Thorog for an instance scaled to level 50-59, Lesser Scale of Thorog for level 60-64, Moderate Scale of Thorog for level 65-?) from instance bosses needed for specific tiers of class set armour, instead of just Helegrod Marks? Having a few unique and rare, level-restricted instance drops also drop from boss chests might add a little extra motivation to accomplish a full run.

    Applying such changes to other "level-cap" instances like the Annuminas cluster might also be a good idea, personally.

    Anyway, just my two cents.
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    Re: Concerning Helegrod runs, and class set armour

    I was a little upset by the rewards also... complete giants wing challenge and win a helegrod mark Yay! complete drake wing challenge and win a helegrod mark...

    dont complete any challenge... turn skill level down to 50 kill 15 drakes solo and win a helegrod mark. super boring!

    Kill Thorog... yay skirmish marks... humf! thats not very exciting..

    the only way to fix the instance would be to put the helegrod marks only in the challenge quest and in the final chest. put the superior third marks in the daily. and make the daily superior third mark quest a little more unachievable solo... the kill 90 hatchlings is fine... the 15 drake things shouldnt drop off the hatchlings only the big drakes... similar for spiders... i think the giants dailies are OK as is.

    Sadly i think its a little late to change these as the damage has been done.

    but yes putting something worth farming in the last boss chests would be good. At least people would be interested in doing the full runs... and i can count the times i've done thorog on one hand...its just way too much effort to get 24 people with such a dissapointing reward.... I mean i'd do it for fun... but finding 24 like minded people well thats not easy.

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    Re: Concerning Helegrod runs, and class set armour

    Just because they went the skirmish route with the instance doesn't mean they need to do away with random dropped loot inside. All they'd really need to do is add a second Challenge Mode chest that functions like a normal chest. I.E. it's not a 'everyone gets the same stuff' skirmish chest, but an actual /roll chest that can drop some nice rare loot.

    I've done Challenge Mode all of once on each wing, there is no reason to do them again. They don't really add much more difficulty, so there is no "lets do it for the challenge" reason; and the loot is more of the same junk, so there's no "lets do it for the awesome drops" reason. There is no reason to do them.
    Frankly, after you've done the wings once to open Thorog, there is no reason to even do a full run anymore. Just farm the dailies, 45min-1h and you're done, so much for all the work they put into the instance.
    And that's just plain sad.

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    Re: Concerning Helegrod runs, and class set armour

    Agreed. The incentive should be to run the whole thing, not just enough to complete a quest.

    However, it's probably WAI. With the SH/GS phenomena, top tier gear was already ridiculously easy to get. Making these new sets any more restrictive would be futile.
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    Re: Concerning Helegrod runs, and class set armour

    Agreed that the rewards for killing the boss are pretty underwhelming and there's no big incentive to run the full instance if you've done it once. Nice jewelry/cloak or even a guaranteed symbol or 2 would go a long way in that regards.

    You can have more of a challenge by varying the group size. I've done Thorog with a group of 12 and my kin usually goes in with 14-18. I've done the drake wing NM with a group of 4 - started with 3 and we were doing well, but for the levers we needed another. Since our 4th had a guard, it really made the rest of the encounter rather trivial; I was the mini so I can tell whether things are challenging or not and it definitely wasn't.



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