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    Red face Oh the Humanity!

    I've been away a while (basically since summer of 2009). I've got characters ranging from 15 to 60, but I will admit I'm a little rusty. (maybe more than a little)

    With F2P I convinced a few friends that we should play in a regular fellowship.

    Because of absences last week, we took a break from the book quests and tried a skirmish, to disastrous effect. I think I know why, but I'd like to check and see if my theories hold water.

    The breakdown:
    28 Warden (me) - archer
    27 Burglar - protector
    27 Minstrel - protector
    22 Warden - archer

    Now we were short two members of our regular fellowship, but I thought we would be okay. Was I wrong!

    We tried Trouble in Tuckborough, set at 25 or 26 and Fellowship sized (it wouldn't allow a Small Fellowship setting with 4 people).

    We died.

    A lot.

    A whole lot.

    Now, I think part of the problem (even though everything was blue to me), was the number of elites. I went down like a cold beer on a hot summer's day more than once to a crowd of goblins.

    Normally, with non elites (outside of skirmishes) I like to gather up as many blues as I can and just see how far I can push things. 6-8 is not unusual for me to handle with no issues whatsoever.

    Are elites that much more powerful? I don't remember them being so, but then again maybe the sands of time have cleared that from the recesses of my mind.

    Any counter-attack stacked with elites and I'd be dead just after I got my first gambit off. Once I went down, the burg followed, then the minstrel and for some reason the lowbie Warden went last (I assume because he wasn't generating enough aggro to be first).

    We had a rough few goes of it, but managed to clear to the final area with only a dozen or so deaths to the four of us.

    I should mention this crew is unreasonably stubborn.

    Now a thought on Lieutenants. I don't remember which type it was, but whenever one of the napalm throwing ones showed up, that was pretty much a guaranteed death. I never saw an induction I could interrupt before my screen filled with fiery flames of you're-gonna-die-ness.

    Any tips on how to kill those? Other than just hoping I never see them ever, ever again?

    After much trial and tribulation, we made it to the final area, and after trying to kill the LT who kept summoning buddies, we died a few more times and gave up.

    Here are my theories...
    1. We bit off way, way more than we could chew. Skirmish was too high level for too few people.
    2. We didn't have enough DPS.
    3. At the level we were at, we just didn't have the mitigations to keep the LTs (especially those napalm throwing wenches) from killing us too easily.
    4. We are the noobiest of noobs and should immediately hang up our keyboards and go back to checkers. (Honestly though, if this is the option you want to pick, then please don't bother to post. Something constructive, or nothing at all)


    Honestly, at this point I want to get the whole crew together, set Trouble at Tuckborough at the minimum level, stomp through it like a troll with athlete's foot, then never set foot in that place again. But that could just be the repair bill talking.

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    Re: Oh the Humanity!

    A mixtue of 1 and 3 most likely.

    Mob ratings ignoring level go Swarm>Normal>Signature>Elite then onto "boss" ratings. The step up in effectiveness between Normal and Sig is noticable, but the difference between Sig and Elite is vast. Elites 2 levels below you, especially in multiples, will take you apart fairly quickly unless you are bringing your AAA+ game to the table.

    As a side note, Tuckborough is the most notorious Skirmish around (apart from T&Ms sometime troublesome boss fight) for people coming unstuck. Only one other skirmish will have you coming up against quite so many mobs at once (unless you completely bork a pull), and that particular Skirmish (Thangulhad) has mobs that are usually not Elites.
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    Re: Oh the Humanity!

    You tried the hardest skirmish (tuckborough) at the hardest party size level (full fellowship) with the smallest possible group size for that level and somewhat questionable group makeup (no pure DPS, minimal crowd control). You should not expect to be able to do a full fellowship skirmish without 6 people and a group working together pretty well, especially not a tuckborough. Unfortunately 4 people is the worst number to be trying to do a skirmish with, you either need to have one of you sit out and do a 3-man or try to find some chars to fill in the extrat slot - it shouldn't be too hard if you do a LFF in bree, people always like doing full group skirms and there's lots of hunters around which would round out your group.

    If you don't want to change your party makeup, definitely do Gondamon and bump the level down another notch or two. And get your burg to riddle the dragon in the final fight so you can beat up on the dwarf before he kills Mathi (unfortunately unlike a LM, the burg can't keep the dragon perma-mezzed but it's better than nothing. when the riddle runs out, have one of the wardens peel to tank him, but the AOE and direct damage is going to keep your minnie busy).

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    Re: Oh the Humanity!

    Thanks for the replies @Russel and @Psycho.

    On further reflection, I sort of figured those were the issues. I also felt like having 2 wardens, and 2 protectors as soldiers probably hurt us. With warriors instead of protectors, we may have been better off.

    Anyone have any ideas on the napalm LTs?

    I've done Gondamon a number of times, solo, duo and small fellowship and never had any issues. My warden will tank the drake/dragon at the end, spinning it away and moving it if possible to keep the aoe from the rest of the group. Never had an issue with that fight, so long as the other two (burg and minstrel most often) keep Mathi alive and smack the dwarf around.

    Just as an aside, the minstrel and I ran Gondamon 3 times in a duo with exactly 1 FM coming up. When we added the burg for a final run, we got a dozen FM's easily. Love me some burgs. =)

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    Re: Oh the Humanity!

    Priestess of Flame is the "napalm" LT, and she is indeed a pain to deal with. Interruption skills like a Champion's Clobber won't stop the cast -- so short of stun/daze/fear/blind, she's going to cast that aura. My strategy for non-CC classes is to engage her with a ranged attack and stay at maximum range until she starts waving her hands around to cast the aura. At that point I run up to her and engage at melee range. The aura lands where I was previously, so that keeps me out of the immediate fire -- and I will also direct my soldiers on her primarily to get them out of the fire as well. If I can't burn her down before she starts to cast, and don't have a class that can stun or daze her, then I have no choice but to run off the moment she starts casting again. If you have aggro, she'll follow you after casting and you can again attack her out of the fire.

    A lot of folks make the mistake in the final boss of Tuckborough of continuing to beat on him when he summons the first LT. Doing that means you will probably end up with two LTs and are much more likely to wipe. Instead, once he summons the first LT, switch to the LT and kill him first, then go back to the boss. As long as the boss's health isn't going down, he won't summon the second LT -- so you will only have to deal with one LT at a time.

    By setting the level to 25, it meant your level 22 Warden would be missing a lot and unless his archer was leveled very high, it was missing as well. Had you set the level to 20, you would still have gotten the daily skirmish reward, you would still all have gotten credit for killing the LTs (applied towards your deed), and you might have been able to complete it. Even with a full group, I would still recommend dropping the level down a LOT when you first run a new skirmish to give people a chance to familiarize themselves with the skirmish and the LTs you encounter. You'll make more marks by completing the skirmish then you will by wiping repeatedly...

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    Re: Oh the Humanity!

    Priestess of Flame,
    and the spinning fire-y rock thing, and spinning frost-y rock thing
    are the most difficult LT's I've encountered so far.
    With priestess, just let her summon fire.. run the hell outta there, and hit her from somewhere not in fire. Or draw her out of it.
    I do it, and it works.
    The spinning fire/ice, just pile onto doggypile style until it's dead.

    The other LT's arn't to bad.

    The carbian summoner is really obnoxious... sometimes he doesn't summon another carbain for like 30 seconds.. :-/

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    Re: Oh the Humanity!

    priestess of fire will only set flames on the one location... UNLESS she is dazed/stunned at which point she will reset her aim. So let her pick her spot, run away from that and then beat on her from somewhere else without stunning her.

    Warriors are probably the worst soldiers to use. And yes, with two wardens any extra protectors are a complete waste. Go for what you don't have, so ranged DPS - mage or archer.



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