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    The Fat Lute - CLOSING DOWN

    Ok, so not really. But if the thread title made you say, "oh no!" then please read on. Don't freak out, TFL is NOT CLOSING DOWN. But without your help, there's a chance it will. I just need your undivided attention to bring you a very important message from Warden:

    Quote Originally Posted by Warden
    Ok, well this is difficult but good at the same time so I'm just going to get to it.

    I suppose its time for me to come out of denial and admit that that I'll never have the time or love to devote that TFL deserves. The code in the backend is just horrible; I'm quite ashamed of it actually. To do anything major will require a full rewrite and as sad as it is to say, I'll prolly never have that kind of time again.

    While I can't give anyone access to my server, I suppose I would be willing to hand the code and database over to someone crazy enough to take on the challenge of hosting it and becoming Figgy's next man-slave.

    The site is written in VB.NET 3.5 with MySQL 5.1 (but runs fine on 5.5). The Database is approx 1GB is size, and you'll need about 1-1.5GB of ram on the server for it to run ok as-is. The site will use up about 20-30 GB of outgoing traffic per month.

    If you're interested, you'd have to agree to the following:

    • Figgy will retain "The Boss" title. She loves that site more than she would her first-born, and hobbit babies are cute.
    • Just to be clear, I'm (we're) not giving up the site for another to have free reign over it. Whoever takes over development should be willing to work with Figgy a few hours here and there and discuss changes to the site with her and with the LOTRO community.
    • I will keep custody of the Domain and will update the DNS as needed.
    • No special treatment to friend or enemies; TFL is an equal enjoyment site.

    • Dont post my code to TheDailyWTF more that once a week. (Yes, its really that bad in there)

    So there you have it. TFL is looking for a new home and supreme master coder. Since I've only ever dealt with the ideas/pretty side of TFL, I don't qualify for this position. Believe me, if I could, I would.

    The ideal candidate will love music and LotRO, have a sense of humour, and be bubbling with ideas. We are preferably looking for someone with their own server to host TFL on, so anyone that steps forward and ticks all the boxes would be great. However, if all we get is a coder with no server, we may be able to look into taking donations from the community to help us get up and running. But that's as a real last resort, as I don't know how the community would feel about that. From the looks of it, TFL provides much enjoyment for a lot of people, so I'd hope that if push came to shove, we'd get a little help.

    Anyone interested in becoming my new man-slave should contact me, which you can do by either posting here, sending me a Private Message on these forums, or emailing phuqt85@hotmail.com.

    Even if that doesn't sound like you, but you know of someone that would be happy to help, like a kinsman or an in-game friend that can do this stuff, please please please point them in the direction of this thread.

    I will keep my fingers crossed that we find someone soon, so we can shed the weeds and allow The Fat Lute to grow again.

    Thanks for reading,

    ~Figgy~ 87~
    Hobbit Minstrel

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    Red face Ya gots meh Figgy, and not even AFday.

    Yipes! Well ya got me with the title Figgs.

    Unfortunately I am not in leagues with any webmakering folks, and I barely fiddle with html at all anymore, and as a gal not elgible to be a man-slave *twitch* so I'm definitely not in.

    I wish you the best.
    With the player music volume broken at Loud, I've been holding off any public appearances. (rofl)
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    Re: The Fat Lute - CLOSING DOWN

    This is a bit alarming. I truly hope you will find a good soul out there that can take on this job. I am not a coder, nor do I have access to a server. And to be honest, as I have said to Bob in the past, I really don't have the time for such an endeavor either...

    I will say I think you will find someone though, there are many great people who play LOTRO, and play music, there is bound to be someone who will take this on.

    Good luck!!

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    Re: The Fat Lute - CLOSING DOWN

    I've got some experience with VB.NET and I'm quite familiar with databases (though not MySQL specifically). I'd hate to have TFL actually go down too...

    Lets talk sometime Figgy.

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    Re: The Fat Lute - CLOSING DOWN

    This needs to be bumped.

    TFL is still in an increasing state of disrepair.

    It still needs someone who can take it on as their baby and recode it and host it, and work with me to make it better. I've had a few people make offers, but no one seems to have what it needs to look after TFL.

    So please, if anyone reads the first post and thinks they can help, get in touch. You can either PM me on the forums, or find me in LotRO as Figgy or Palanwyn usually. My toon names are in my signature.

    Also, if you want to know what I'm looking to do with the site, I mocked up a very basic list of some possibilities:

    The Fat Lute: To Do List

    • URGENT
    • Fix front page errors while posting
    • Fix Edit/delete ABC function for admin and regular users
    • Add new servers to server list

    • Add categories/genres: ie Rock, pop, classical, theme song, musical etc
    • Add browse by letter: song/artist/uploader
    • allow comment editing
    • return statistics field: total songs/parts/members/downloads etc
    • add field for top 10 rated songs
    • new colour scheme/redo website < need someone here to bounce ideas around with
    • add "go to page" function
    • flag broken songs in main list
    • when creating a new ABC typing a name of a song or artist, have prediction on there to avoid some of the many similar postings
    • Automatically capitalize letters?
    • possibly integrate the ABC player for lotro into website to preview parts
    • subscribe to uploader function
    • add forums?
    • add request page?
    • donation button for hosting? depending on changeover
    • Suggestions page, where people can +1 suggestions, and post issues with the site, seperate from lotro forums to allow the ability to edit and mark issues as resolved.
    • so SOMETHINNG with the lolcats page delete? redo?
    • redo the recent activity box to make it a little more streamlined and clear, possibly change it to a recently added box.
    • update copyright info

    • Edit and update the tutorial page to include new programs
    • Edit the about us page, to include YOUR NAME HERE
    • Edit the Contact warden function
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    ~Figgy~ 87~
    Hobbit Minstrel

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    Re: The Fat Lute - CLOSING DOWN


    I could do the site,, and host that server..
    Just let me know if u're still looking (:

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    Smile Re: The Fat Lute - CLOSING DOWN

    Same here, I'd be more than willing to take over this site and host it on my server :-)

    Pm me and We'll talk

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    Re: The Fat Lute - CLOSING DOWN

    Thanks guys, I've already had someone step forward and offer to help, and we're seeing how things go with that. I've been out of touch with him for a bit so if he doesn't hurry up I'll be back here.
    ~Figgy~ 87~
    Hobbit Minstrel

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    Re: The Fat Lute - CLOSING DOWN

    I hope your search for someone to help out with TFL pans out - I'd offer to help since I know html but I can confidently say that when it comes to php, SQL, databases in general and other coding stuff, I'm in way over my head.

    The Fat Lute is absolutely an awesome LOTRO necessity for anyone's abc file needs!
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    Re: The Fat Lute - CLOSING DOWN

    gogogo! Alas, my expertis is Oracle databases, not mysql.
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    Re: The Fat Lute - CLOSING DOWN

    Quote Originally Posted by Bob View Post
    Thanks guys, I've already had someone step forward and offer to help, and we're seeing how things go with that. I've been out of touch with him for a bit so if he doesn't hurry up I'll be back here.
    Just so everyone knows who to blame, I'll go ahead and admit that I've volunteered to step in and rebuild TFL.

    The past two weeks or so have been very hectic for me between work, trying to get registered for school, and some personal things going on to the side. It's a poor excuse for falling out of touch completely, but it's my excuse nonetheless.

    That said, things have settled down quite a bit, and I can finally say when I will and won't have time to work on the site. Right now, we're looking at several hours this Saturday (tomorrow), and possibly some time Monday morning as well, since I'm off work for Labor Day. I'll be keeping a changelog/blog/twitter feed (not sure which yet) as I make progress - I'll post a link or three once I've started making progress.

    Thanks to you guys for your patience as we enter this "Under Construction" phase. We hope to have a minimally functional site available within a month based on the current database of songs, with full feature parity by Christmas at the latest.

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    Re: The Fat Lute - CLOSING DOWN

    Thanks for keeping a great site alive.
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    Re: The Fat Lute - CLOSING DOWN

    I don't know the first thing about how to manage a website, but I would be happy to help out if there's anything I can do.
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    Re: The Fat Lute - CLOSING DOWN

    Just another fan saying

    /em wipe sweat

    Don't DO that!

    [also best of luck finding a new helper!]
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    AW: The Fat Lute - CLOSING DOWN


    hosting is not the Problem ( traffic and the mysql db) but, vb.net ? i'm not sure if this runs on my apache2 -.-
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    Re: The Fat Lute - CLOSING DOWN

    I am a php coder, i have many servers, and i can host the site. although I would more or less love to just rebuild the site, and make it better overall, but If this is something that people are interested in using my services please let me know.
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    Lightbulb Re: The Fat Lute - CLOSING DOWN

    if the person takes over the fat lute does it cost to keep it up and running?

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    Re: The Fat Lute - CLOSING DOWN

    Hey I could help you out with this... Only problem is that I am a PHP man.
    Linux is cheaper to host on and MySQL is free.

    We love our free stuff.
    Have you considered Joomla type frameworks. I don't like them but they are great for rapid development.

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    Re: The Fat Lute - CLOSING DOWN

    Have you folks contacted the Fat Lute proprietor in-game on his home server of Elendilmir?

    I believe that is what they asked you to do if you wished to communicate about taking over the reigns at The Fat Lute.

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    Re: The Fat Lute - CLOSING DOWN

    You should be getting an email about server space available to you, soon.
    Well, this is useless.

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    So how is the fixing coming along?

    Just wondering because the site says that you still need one....

    I'm just a newb fan asking about something he loves =3

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    So I guess Fatlute is finally down? It's address comes back with a 404 error.

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    Well I suppose there is also http://www.lotro-abc.com/

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    HTTP Error 404. The requested resource is not found.
    It doesn't exactly give Chrome's error page, it seems there is something going on it The Fat Lute because they do show content which is this atm. Otherwise it would show:

    Oops! Google Chrome could not find www.thisisanonexistentcloseddomain.com
    Hopefully they're rebuilding the site and that's why it's down - temporarily? Or so I wish. I submitted many of my compositions there.
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    Hey guys!

    Just to let you know I've passed the 404 onto Warden. As far as I know, that is NOT working as intended. The only way I can contact him is by email, and we're both very busy with our lives so it's hard to communicate.

    I have had quite a few offers of help, but have been busy getting married and doing immigration things. I would love to be able to set some time aside to get things up and running again, but it's such a huge thing to undertake that I'm not sure I can be the middle (wo)man and orchestrate a take over. I have no clue about website coding and databases so it's all far above my head.

    If I get a response back from Warden soon, I will try and pick it back up so we can get TFL up and running to suitable standards again. I've always been proud of what we've accomplished, and not playing the game isn't much of an excuse for us to drop things. I know you music fans have been waiting patiently for us to get our act together, and have appreciated the help that has been offered and can only apologise for not getting things done.

    Regardless of the website working or not, I'm pretty sure Warden has the database stashed somewhere safe and sound, and so even if he has pulled down TFL we'll be able to get everyone's songs back.

    As soon as he emails me back I'll post here to update ya. It could just be routine maintenance of his server.
    ~Figgy~ 87~
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