Ok, so not really. But if the thread title made you say, "oh no!" then please read on. Don't freak out, TFL is NOT CLOSING DOWN. But without your help, there's a chance it will. I just need your undivided attention to bring you a very important message from Warden:

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Ok, well this is difficult but good at the same time so I'm just going to get to it.

I suppose its time for me to come out of denial and admit that that I'll never have the time or love to devote that TFL deserves. The code in the backend is just horrible; I'm quite ashamed of it actually. To do anything major will require a full rewrite and as sad as it is to say, I'll prolly never have that kind of time again.

While I can't give anyone access to my server, I suppose I would be willing to hand the code and database over to someone crazy enough to take on the challenge of hosting it and becoming Figgy's next man-slave.

The site is written in VB.NET 3.5 with MySQL 5.1 (but runs fine on 5.5). The Database is approx 1GB is size, and you'll need about 1-1.5GB of ram on the server for it to run ok as-is. The site will use up about 20-30 GB of outgoing traffic per month.

If you're interested, you'd have to agree to the following:

  • Figgy will retain "The Boss" title. She loves that site more than she would her first-born, and hobbit babies are cute.
  • Just to be clear, I'm (we're) not giving up the site for another to have free reign over it. Whoever takes over development should be willing to work with Figgy a few hours here and there and discuss changes to the site with her and with the LOTRO community.
  • I will keep custody of the Domain and will update the DNS as needed.
  • No special treatment to friend or enemies; TFL is an equal enjoyment site.

  • Dont post my code to TheDailyWTF more that once a week. (Yes, its really that bad in there)

So there you have it. TFL is looking for a new home and supreme master coder. Since I've only ever dealt with the ideas/pretty side of TFL, I don't qualify for this position. Believe me, if I could, I would.

The ideal candidate will love music and LotRO, have a sense of humour, and be bubbling with ideas. We are preferably looking for someone with their own server to host TFL on, so anyone that steps forward and ticks all the boxes would be great. However, if all we get is a coder with no server, we may be able to look into taking donations from the community to help us get up and running. But that's as a real last resort, as I don't know how the community would feel about that. From the looks of it, TFL provides much enjoyment for a lot of people, so I'd hope that if push came to shove, we'd get a little help.

Anyone interested in becoming my new man-slave should contact me, which you can do by either posting here, sending me a Private Message on these forums, or emailing phuqt85@hotmail.com.

Even if that doesn't sound like you, but you know of someone that would be happy to help, like a kinsman or an in-game friend that can do this stuff, please please please point them in the direction of this thread.

I will keep my fingers crossed that we find someone soon, so we can shed the weeds and allow The Fat Lute to grow again.

Thanks for reading,