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    Watcher question

    Has watcher been 5-manned or less? I'm sure every server has 6-man groups that have done it, but any with 5? Including the EU servers

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    Re: Watcher question

    I solo'd him.

    No not a troll post, In MoM beta there was a bug in Skumfil that made it so any buffs (Or debuffs for that matter) stayed on you permanently. There was always 1s left on the buff/debuff.

    So, I grabbed my Champ and got a Capt and a mins to buff me up. Shield of Dunedain and Adamant gave me -105% incoming dmg

    I was so buffed up that any dmg dealt to me was converted into a heal. So, with two others (that died pretty quick) We went and took a look at the Watcher. I got my Arm deed done But couldn't kill the strangling arms fast enough to get out of Roots.

    So after about an hr or so I just gave up.

    K, Story time over.

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    Re: Watcher question

    From what Ive been told PM 3manned it. But there are always trolls so dont take my word for it lol
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    Re: Watcher question

    Quote Originally Posted by sjmartin19 View Post
    From what Ive been told PM 3manned it. But there are always trolls so dont take my word for it lol
    I'm talking about without any bugs/exploits. I'm 100% confident no 3 people can do it currently. Maybe the next level cap would be believable. You'd have someone tanking watcher, a healer, and a dps. And well, if the healer gets dangled you're likely dead after one or two times of that. Or if the dps gets dangled then you'd have to try the tank getting him down or the healer but that could take awhile. THen both tentacles are up and watcher starts healing. Yeah...not going believe a 3-man without any bugs/exploits involved.



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