Currently we are just a small Kin of friends all in our late 20's - 30's. We are looking for more members to grow our KIN. Our characters are mid 30's to early 40's and we also have a few alts we play on the regular. We each have chosen different crafting paths and are all Artisan - Master in Tailor, Scholar, Cook, and Jeweler. We all send materials and recipes for each others craft to each other and group regularly.

We are accepting any level currently and play daily. We like to joke around a lot and enjoy playing the game and helping each other out. We tend to play mostly evenings - early mornings so if you are a late night owl you will fit in well here. If you are looking for a fun KIN that will help you out with crafting and questing feel free to shoot me a in game PM or mail and I will get back to you. My IN-Game name is "Paxwood".