Like it, hate it, use it or abuse it, today is our anniversary for the server-wide chat channel of "Unite".

Most or all other servers use GLFF, and that's probably a more appropriate term. However, here's a short history on how this one came to be on Vilya.

In Sept. 2007 there was a severe low population issue here. After Turbine's custom chat channel introduction (an update), I thought it would be a cool idea to be able to have kinships chat with each other and complete groups that they were looking for. I was putting down a few dwarven ales one night, and the word 'Unite' seemed pretty darn appropriate for the idea.

So there you go in a nutshell.

First communication was myself and Hypercyril, and the following week the VA was created after a massive flood of users from other kinships.

I'm really glad to see it's still in use. The original focus of completing groups is definitely there and I use it all the time myself. It's a global chatter channel now for sure, but I find LFM there often pretty easy too.

Happy birthday 'Unite'.

The old school links: