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    Back in Time for Elevenses (BTE) looking for misplaced kinmates

    If you're a Hobbit or a Hobbit-friend that aspires to Hobbitdom, and you're one of the merriest, drunkest, most shoelessest people you know, then you belong in Back in Time for Elevenses (BTE)!

    We welcome all races in BTE, vertically unfortunate though our non-Hobbit brethren may be. As long as you play to have a good time, enjoy the story, scenery, sounds, and of course the Shire, you'll fit right in(enjoyment of other things beginning with 's' bonus).

    While merrymaking, socializing, and not wearing shoes are all major facets of BTE, they're certainly not all we're about. We enjoy questing, crafting, skirmishing, raiding, exploring, and plenty of other types of adventuring as well. After all, it's the Hobbit lot in life to muck about saving the world while the other races twiddle their thumbs and fight battles and such!

    We only have one cardinal rule, which is that while you're out adventuring, always make sure to be back in time for Elevenses(this rule subject to lenience due to drunken forgetfulness, ooh a shiny, ooh a tater, and other such Hobbitly reasoning).

    For more information, see http://lorebook.lotro.com/wiki/Kinsh..._for_Elevenses

    Contact Jacbo or Jilbo in-game if you're interested in joining. Feel free to add us as friends to see when we log on!
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    Re: Back in Time for Elevenses (BTE) looking for misplaced kinmates

    THE Hakkuna Mattata kinship.

    You can contact Pelarael if you can't find one of the hobbits.



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