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    How to trait my herbalist.

    Hello, i am currently a lvl 31 hunter, and i have been using a archer soldier in my skirmishes. But i suppose now that ima higher level, having a secondary dps isnt really as helpful as i wanted it to be. I find my self dying in, Trouble in Tuckhborough. So i am planning to switch to a herbalist, but i dun have any ideal what skills to get, or what traits, etc to get. Could someone help. plz and ty.

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    Re: How to trait my herbalist.

    For skill traits, i would go natures cure (HoT) and i think there is another big heal skill, they are very handy.

    For passive skills, maybe try healing done.

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    Re: How to trait my herbalist.

    I usually go this way when traiting herbalists for a new char (yup I use the herb for pretty much every char but my captain so far)

    HoT -> Heal -> Power Regen -> Ultimate HoT (Switch the lesser HoT then add it in later when the 4th slot becomes avaliable)

    I think it's personal preference to go HoT before Heal, because often the herbalist heals some NPC hanging about and forgets all about me, then the HoT will still tick instead of a praying for the herbalist to wake up.

    Passives I'd go;
    Melee defence -> Armor -> Healing done -> BPE/Morale

    If you have something that can hold aggro very well then I'd go for Healing done first, but if not, it's nice to have a soldier that doesn't snuff it 2 seconds into the fight.

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    Re: How to trait my herbalist.

    I pair my RK with a herbalist. I trait the power OT and large Heal...yep, only 2 skills (no ultimate). I try to keep her within 10 lvls of me. I'm cheap when it comes to spending skirmish marks on her and it hasn't slowed me down a bit. It does help being able to take down mobs quickly and managing the pulls. This is my solo setup...if i were thinking of doing group content, then yes, i'd think about upgrading her skills but this works fine for me solo (tier 1).
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