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    Looking for kinship

    Hi everyone,

    I am looking for a kinship that accepts free 2 play (though I am VIP currently) players that may not play much or talk much. My playtime is pretty limited but I can typically find an hour a day.

    I'm pretty picky, I have no interest in seeing OOC in guild chat or bickering. So I am looking for a mature kinship with mostly adults. I have no interest in raiding or hardcore playing- I also don't roleplay much but don't mind if it's all in character chat and such.

    Anyways... look me up, I'm playing Orond (29 rune keeper), Valeryus (26 Captain), Gaspar (10 Warden). I craft a lot so may spend most of my time running around prospecting or chopping wood!


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    Thumbs down Re: Looking for kinship

    lol well you could join GANGS if you wish and yes that the whole name but, those who wish to know the meaning of it.... GANGS- many that come as one (group)
    G ames
    A re
    N ever
    G onna
    S uck

    Just to clarify questions >.>

    If you'd like you can check us up at gangs.guildportal.com



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