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    Thievery and Mischief overpowered boss?

    Bhaltair in the skirmish 'Thievery and Mischief' is broken. My Kinship ran a raid of level 36. This boss not only is completely overpowered but he can one shot half the raid at once every couple seconds.

    Bhaltair wounds you for 4,955 points of Fire damage.

    This just one of the multiple attempts and no level 36 even has half that many morale.

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    Re: Thievery and Mischief overpowered boss?

    Those bosses were pretty hard already, and I believe they're also bugged at the moment (like a lot of the higher tier Lieutenants). I would definitely wait until they get fixed.
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    Re: Thievery and Mischief overpowered boss?

    Well, my kin just ran it a couple nights ago at lvl 65 with 5 65's and a 60 and other than being really annoying with the 3 bosses healing each other, we didn't see any of the bosses doing any major damage.

    They might have fixed it, or it just might be the difference in lvl and/or maybe group size
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    Re: Thievery and Mischief overpowered boss?

    Fellowship version of T&M is as different as both the small fellowship and raid versions. This skirmish escalates quickly as the size increases...

    But yes, it is bugged. See the other thread about this: http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.p...appears-bugged
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    Re: Thievery and Mischief overpowered boss?

    I have done this skrimish with 6 people before not yet with 12. But what I found is that the fat orc guy. I don't remember his name. He needs to be constantly hit. He gains a buff on him every so often that is removed when he is hit by something. This was awhile ago.

    We had me (the tank) tanking Balak and the other orc. And to hold Balak I just used AoEs and was using everything else to keep the guy from building up his buff. The rest of the fellowship burned down the healer lady. She takes awhile and is a pain and the more interrupts you have the better.

    After you kill her both bosses gain a buff that is like 2000 morale every 2 second for a minute or something don't remember. But pretty much they didn't tank any damage for a minute. Then we killed balak and then we killed the other orc guy.

    I hope this helps with trying to do it with 6 people it may be the same thing for 12 but i'm not sure on that. It may also have changed since I did it but I don't know.



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