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Thread: Nice Change

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    Nice Change

    We had a nice change last night. Ohta, Jason, and Blackwine were all out in the moors at the same time. Now what was nice is, i was out with gives, we got pwned; added a blue dot defiler, blue dot warg, still got pwned; it was the green/blue dot warleader that finally tipped the tables in our favor. Now i said that to say this. If 3 organized freeps (2 minnies 1 champ) can pwn 4-5 unorganized creeps, why aren't there more 3 man little fellowships running around? I mean seriously, the most organization ya'll gonna find is if Freephunter, Gives, Filth, Stingy, Luluk, and I are all on together and in fellow together. Also realize that we are all in the same tribe, so we could split into separate groups. just a warning, in a good way. We're waiting, after all we'd all love to be the one to give you your "Tragic Ending".

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    Re: Nice Change

    Looking forward to seeing you out there shortly some folks just gotta finally hit that 40 mark...

    Tried the creep side, but after a few days of logging in, i assumed no one was playing, good to hear otherwise!

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    Re: Nice Change

    lvling up the last 7 lvls on my minnie has slowed down a bit, but i've still been trying to keep my minnie coming out when I can. Had a good 2v2 today vs stingy and filth. second time we met i had picked up Dylan as well which kinda was a surprise to him having rarely an ally out there . disappointing a third creep never showed up before i need to hit the sack

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