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    Divine Inspiration: A special kind of kinship

    Please add our kinship, which has been around since early June, 2007, to the Elendilmir list....


    Our website is: ~Divine Inspiration~

    Our motto: "Sacrificially Sharing for the Mutual Benefit of All"

    Our kinship was founded by my friend Renwulf Goldenleaf, who I quested with in our first fellowship, on Day One of our intro instance during beta. We continually quested together for some time, developing our style of sharing everything we had in mats and quests with each other, to our mutual benefit. We eventually ended up joining separate kinships that were good in their own right, but left something to be desired. Renwulf created our kinship but recruiting was not his forte'. I eventually joined his kinship 3 weeks later to become his officer, and in charge of recruiting. It was a match made in heaven, as were in a kinship that expressed our playstyles and goals. I would recruit new members through our style of sharing mats, making armour, tools, etc. and questing to just help out, and Renwulf would then take that new member and quest with them to teach them the ins and outs of the game. And then that new member would pay it forward. Many of my friends from before our kinship started have joined since then, and remained with us.

    We take on new members who play like us, are willing to share the mats they don't need, make stuff free for each other, quest to help others in the kin at the drop of a hat, and will also treat our new allies from our "Legacy of the Last Alliance" kinshipmembers in much the same way. Greed is not a part of us, nor selfish play, and power-levelling is not a priority, though we will help you level. We love the lore of Tolkien as well. We have a very family-like closeness and atmosphere.

    If this is who you are and you would like to join a kinship like ours, we'd be glad to have you. See me, Rinri, ingame, or any of our officers: Baylen, Melorieth, Legordas, Brainer, Lorreth, or Renwulf. You may also contact some of our alts who can invite as well: Kindorin, Etasni, Finrindor, Eadwulf, Gilmoure, Ryoshirin, Brainori.
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    . Former Leader of Divine Inspiraton and Flame Imperishable on Elendilmir. Member of Soldiers of the Third Age on Nimrodel. With server contraction, I now reside with Away Shall Fade on Landroval.

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    Talking Re: Welcome Kinships!

    Greetings!!! We are Children of Iluvatar and are actively recruiting all races, classes and levels on the Silverlode server (no free trial members please).

    Are you an active, frequent player that needs help with fellowship quests? Do you want a kinship that is small and doesn't treat you like a "number" like some of the other, much larger kinships do? Do you want to be involved in the decision making process in a new, rapidly-growing and helpful kinship? And finally, is your quest tracker filling up with unfinished fellowship quests? WE CAN HELP!!!

    I am Ermanatar, and I started this kinship back in Sept. 2007 with a goal: To gather together a group of active, frequent players like me that were willing to help eachother achieve quest completions, level advances and secure, kinship-only trades. We have a tight-knit group of officers that are always willing to help!

    Feel free to check us out on the web at www.freewebs.com/childrenofiluvatarkinship!!! We hope to see you soon and have fun in the game!!!

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    The Path Of The Dunedain--Elendilmir

    The Path of The Dunedain is preparing to enter into it's next phase of development. This phase is the recruitment phase. The Path is a level 8 Rank kinship with Grandmasters in most of the skills and very close to GM in the others. Our time has been devoted to laying the groundwork for a strong kinship. Our purpose is basically to recruit, train, and or equip new members for the battles ahead and offer a path to the service of the Dunedain.

    We are currently accepting applications for the position of Officers and Recruiter. Officers will be responsible for assisting in Kinship upkeep activites and with planning and executing events. Officers will also assist with fellowship leadership and coordinating quests. The position of Recruiter will have the responsibility of interacting with new members as well as seeking out potential members.

    If you are interested in a ground level opportunity with a kinship destined for greatness, contact us now.

    While we will definately focus on end game and raiding, our primary focus will be on helping new players and recruits reach their potential. This not only means equipment and fellowships but also basic information on how to survive in Middle-Earth and how to be an effective member of a fellowship.

    Please visit our site at http://www.guildportal.com/Guild.asp...&TabID=2105036 you may contact us there or in-game by mailing Dunwich.

    Happy Hunting!

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    Re: Welcome Kinships!

    The Council of Elders is a rank 7 kinship on Meneldor, made up of members over the age of 20 (and on average tending to be a good deal older). We have a solid group of loyal members who have advanced to the 40-to-50 range, leaving a gap in the lower levels. We'd like to fill that in order to maintain a nice diversity, but of course we are interested in meeting folks playing all levels.

    We tend toward casual play, and are moving toward more kinship groups on epic quests. Everyone is quite helpful and easygoing. We don't believe in pressure in-game: we're all in the game to relax and have fun. We are dabbling in (optional) role playing, and it seems to be catching on. We ask for members to maintain PG-rated language and observe some basic rules concerning fair play and common courtesy. Solo players are fine, though we do ask that you participate from time to time in groups so that you don't become an outsider. Please send a PM to get more info. If you use the icq option to contact me, please mention LOTRO in the authorization request so I don't treat you as spam!

    You can read about us here: http://lorebook.lotro.com/wiki/Council_of_Elders

    Thanks, and safe journeys to all.
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    Smile Re: Welcome Kinships!

    The Alcmene's Guard are a really laid back kingship that plays any game we are here to have fun and enjoy the game there no obligation of participation we just want u to be apart of our circle of friends we are small kingship but looking the grow the only thing we ask is sometimes to go help some members or to have some generosity when it come to items and stuff to be a real kingship member andnot a money hook@#$

    we play on the landroval server we do have a ventrilo server but not required to be on for this game nice for instance and stuff but ho well you can contact me (defitor) or a members that can direct you to a officer or visit us at www.tagaming.net

    see you all soon

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    Re: Welcome Kinships!

    Just a quick note that Night Warriors of Middle Earth is now open to new adult members. We are actively seeking members to expand our kinship on Meneldor.

    If you are interested in joining other adults in your enjoyment of LOTRO and of legal age, please feel free to contact any of our Officers in game. You can also send a message in game to Aranthe

    Our kinship has a great deal of experience playing LOTRO and a variety of other MMORPGs.

    Have fun and see you in game!

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    Remnants of the North!

    Remnants of the North on the Elendilmir server is now recruting all levels, classes, and races. We are a casual and friendly kin who enjoy helping our own. We have GM in all almost all areas (ANY GM Jewelers out there!). Our core members have been playing Lotro since Beta and from game launch. We have monthly and weekly events scheduled for all levels. If interested, visit our site www.remnantsofthenorth.net


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