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    Post Re: Welcome Kinships!

    "Light Bringers" is based on Arkenstone. Our basic philosophy is to bring Light and Goodness to the Darkened Corners of Middle Earth by helping each other as well as perfect strangers. Justthe sort of person you would want to happen by when that mob you thought you could handle inexplicably doubles (Devouring Cave thingies), or when you've taken the Athelas and your Morale is ebbing faster than your cool-down meter....

    We don't steal your resources while you fight the guardian, or "pull" the target you have carefully stalked away....

    One rule: Be NICE.

    If you have to have our one rule clarified...
    .... well then we respectfully don't want you as a member....

    Currently we have about 17 members. Every class (except Captain). Every Profession/vocation (we have crafting covered) with several active crafters. And tend to share our newest creations on Fridays.

    We have members newly arrived at Bree, to the Old Forest, the Barrows, the Lone-lands, and the more adventerous are off exploring "Ost Guruth".

    There is usually at least a couple of folks on at any given time, and most have explored nearly every nook and cranny, so if you need help finding something or completing something you will probably be in luck.

    We dont have teamspeak, web page, additional subscriptions, etc.....
    .... but The Fellowship of the Ring didn't either....

    'cuz in the end this is all about storytelling, and "living" the story. And in the Great Stories, well lets just say that all Frodo had and all he needed to succeed in his quest was his Samwise...

    If you are interested, please send a tell to:

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    Hello, I would like to introduce Legion. You may contact me in-game on the Gladden server, my name is Haunted.

    Legion is a new kinship on the Gladden Server that is currently recruiting. We are a mature group of individuals that come from a long string of MMORPG games. Our last guild was a highly successful end game raiding guild in World of Warcraft. Before that, we played EQ2 and EQ, Diablo 2, Asheron's Call 2 etc. We use Ventrilo, and usage is required for raiding members, optional for non-raiding members.

    Our guilds are always raid/end game focused, but we NEVER turn away casual players that can get along with all members. At the end of the day, we all just want to have fun playing the game.

    Currently in the guild:
    Currently our guild is very new, with a few members we ported over from WoW (some are still hooked and may be coming over later). We have 3 Officers and myself as the leader. We are looking for 1 or 2 more officers and we are looking for about 20-30 more Raiding members, and as many casual members that want to come along for the ride. Recruiting is open for all classes/races.

    Applications will be short, and to the point. We really just want to know your intent (raiding or casual) what games you've played and how much time you play LOTRO. We then will have a short period to make sure you fit the guild mold (maturity, getting along with other members, etc) from there it is up to you.

    If you have any questions about us, feel free to post here and I'll check back regularly or you can contact Haunted or Krimok in game on the Gladden server.
    [b][color=green]Voyage - 34 Guardian -- Hawnted - 26 Hunter -- Delusion - 26 Minstrel --
    Haunted - 20 Lore-master
    Founder of Legion, Gladden Server

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    Re: Welcome Kinships!

    Valar of Valinor

    Server: Arkenstone
    Members: 30+
    Kinship: Elvin based-open to all races
    Kinship Type: Group and Raid oriented, also enjoy solo times, mature players
    Role-playing: RP oriented
    Monster-playing: Open to suggestions or leadership of such activites
    Contacts: Savarus (Leader), Garanz (Head Officer), Shalara(Officer), Okra(Officer), Rawling(Officer)
    Website: Under Construction
    Vent: Yes

    The Valar of Valinor is open to all races and classes and originated from the 1st Age on Valinor. Elves must be more thought out, and decide whether they are Calaquendi or Moriquendi and choose Valarian parents. We do require that all races create a character history, and have a mindful tolkien name appropriate to that history. We would also ask you do your homework on your race to form a proper history. We are willing to help with creation of history and open to comments and ideas equal kin members. You will not be rushed and can develop yourself.

    Savarus Silverthron, Tur (Leader)
    Elvin Hunter and Calaquendi
    Direct Contact: silverthorn777@hotmail.com

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    Re: Welcome Kinships!

    Server: Elendilmir
    Time Zone - Oceanic
    Members: Keeping the kinship small ie around 50-60 members at the moment we have around 30 active members
    Kinship: Open to all races
    Kinship Type:Snowbelle's will eventually be a end game focused kinship. We are not hardcore, however we do intend to take raiding seriously. Mature players only should apply.

    Contacts: Snowbelle, Solus, Halvardr, Eilistrae.
    Website: http://snowbellesfriends.org
    Vent: Yes

    No race to 50 in this kinship, we enjoy one another's company and would like to enjoy the game content along the way. But we do expect a commitment from our members once we begin end game of around 3 evenings per week.
    Take a look at our website and see if we might be the kinship for you
    Founder of [url=http://snowbellesfriends.org]Snowbelle's Friends[/url], Elendilmir

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    Re: Welcome Kinships!

    Servants of the Secret Fire
    Server location: Landroval
    Geographic location: The Americas

    You would need to register on our webpage at: www.theonering.com/kinship

    Below, and also on our webpage, is our charter. Generally speaking, we are open to nice and respectable people with a genuine interest in Tolkien, a maturity of character, and a tolerance for absurdity.

    Servants of the Secret Fire: Basic Constitution

    Common Tongue: Servants of the Secret Fire
    Quenya: Núror Muinaréva
    Sindarin: Bŷr en-Naur Thurin

    Location: Middle Earth, Landroval server

    Motto: Servants of the Secret Fire: Ridiculously indignant since April 14, 2007, Shire reckoning.

    Mission statement: I, Boffo Bolger, chief of the kinship "Servants of the Secret Fire" (also known as "The band of Middle Earth residents with delusions of grandeur so profoundly unbalanced that they have likened themselves to Maia spirits despite being led by a 3 foot 4 inch hobbit with limited skills") have every intention of making this group one guided by the principle of ridiculous indignation . We will fight for good causes, no matter how ridiculous they are, how ridiculous we look, or how ridiculous we sound. We will invoke the fury of our ridiculously distant relations while completing both the most mundane and most dangerous of tasks.

    Common phrases will include:

    "For the love of Mandos, and in the spirit of our noble, albeit insignificant fathers, let us curdle that cow's milk!"

    "May Mandos protect us while we carry this basket of eggs to safety!"


    "You cannot pass! I am a servant of the Secret Fire, wielder of the flame of Anor. The dark fire will not avail you here, evil badger! You cannot pass!"

    Among others.

    Mode of Governance: "Enlightened Constitutional Chiefdom." This is really not very different from a loosely governed Enlightened despotism. The difference is that there is slightly greater coherence in our body, given that it is based on a Constitution, the 7 Deadly Serious Scribblings of the Servants of the Secret Fire (detailed below). Matters of serious concern will be decided on by a college of leaders (whomever is readily available at the time of crisis), yet with my consent needed. A veto from myself on any decision by the college can be overridden by an overwhelming majority. Other decisions will be made independently by leaders themselves, with an eye to the 7 Deadly Serious Scribblings of the Servants of the Secret Fire.

    Leaders are subject to the Scribblings, are expected to uphold the principles included therein, and can be demoted, at any time, by myself, after consulting with the available college of leaders.

    Kinship rules and principles: The 7 Deadly Serious Scribblings of the Servants of the Secret Fire

    1) Zero Tolerance for Egregious offences to the Tolkien name: No one with the name "orliiloveu11" or any other teeny-bopper variants are allowed entry.

    2) Light roleplaying: Light, flexible and non-required RPG is the name of our game. Infused, of course, with an element of ridiculous indignation during questing activities.

    3) A shared TORC spirit: This forms the foundation of this kinship, and the ideals of this community will be taken into account when recruiting non-TORC members, which is a highly desirable thing. These ideals are expressed simply as a genuine interest in Tolkien's works and a maturity of character . The adoption of non TORC members is, in this vein, important, as you will meet non TORCers on this server who may be very much appropriate for the kinship in terms of their interest in Tolkien and their level of maturity. It is desirable to ask applicants to sign onto the boards and use it as a kinship talking space. This should be communicated to them upon an invite.

    4) TORC Communication: This board will serve as the prime space for talk. Alternatively, if people want to speak via skype and other mediums outside of the game world, they can opt into that, but are not required to share personal contact information.

    5) Good will: It is the intention of the founders that this kinship treat everyone, whether they are the occasional players who sign on for either short periods each day, or only a few times a week, with not only respect, but with a real helping hand. In other words, since some play less, those who play more should be ready to help with quests, help with issues of gameplay, and help with tools and equipment, whether it be giving someone an unwanted weapon, or just a pat on the back for moral support....

    6) Good manners: This kinship vows to maintain a hospitable clime. We therefore welcome only those travelers that are generally respectable people. In other words, no sleazeballs and no sexual harassment (although if you want, you can form friendships and even intimate friendships, as long as you do so in a tasteful manner, and keep certain talk in private chat.....). As such, I would encourage, although it would be difficult to enforce, a kinship made of characters that are of good intentions. I ask for help from my leaders in maintaining such a population.

    7) Bridge-building: We are to be known as a friendly, yet passionate kinship, committed to the cause of the free peoples of Middle Earth. We will form fellowships and friendships with other noble-minded kinships and individuals, in the spirit of this pursuit.

    That is all. Go about your business and kill all neeker breekers when you get the chance. By Bilbo's breeches, they will not spoil my summer this year!


    First order: All TORCers who participated in the foundation of the kinship (namely, if you join within the first month of its fouding) will be automatically be designated as "leaders" or "officers" of the kinship, with the express permission to recruit and add members. You may decline this designation if you wish. The position, while honorable, is always subject to review, and can be revoked if said leader is thought to have significantly violated the rules of the charter. If you ever say "orlando bloom is a dreamie pie" you will lose your status as leader immediately.


    The following is a characteristically long-winded salutation:

    Yours truly and always at your service, at the service of the Free People's of Middle Earth, and at the service of my noble fathers, who knew people who spoke about people who were related to people who once saw from a distance (and possibly brushed up against) the legendary Bandobras "Bullroarer" Took,

    Boffo Proudbottom

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    Re: Welcome Kinships!

    Hello. We are a very small kinship at the moment and looking for new members. We reside on the Brandywine server. Our focus is on having fun and leaving the drama at the door is the biggest requirement. We also are an adult guild, over 18 only please as we do use adult humor. We ask that members respect each other. We are trying something a little different. All members will be made officers. This will allow everyone to invite anyone they come across that they would like to continue to fellowship with. Members are not allowed to boot anyone from the kinship, but we do have an "open door" policy to any problems our members may have.

    Please contact any of the following toons in game:


    If you are interested and cannot reach us, please drop by our website at:

    www.guildportal.com and do a search for A Touch of Grey.

    Or you may simply leave a message for me here on this website.

    Whatever you decide, enjoy your time in Middle Earth, have fun always!
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    Re: Welcome Kinships!

    Elbareth Kinship on Gladden Server now recruiting. Mixed guild. Friendly openminded helpful people is what we want. People who want to have fun and not feel stressed or pressured into raiding or leveling. Kinship members who need help should always be helped before pugs unless you are already in one. I want this kinship to be a community of friends like a second family. Cresrian is the leader or contact Diandel in game. The website is made but still being worked on. There is some basic kinship information there though.


    Please contact me in game whisper/mail or at cressy1981@hotmail.com or a private message on the website. Thanks and good luck!

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    Re: Welcome Kinships!

    We (Knights Equitable on Arkenstone) are easy going, slow playing group of folks ages 13-58, mostly in Eastern and Central timezones. We like helping each other playing and crafting. You need it and we have it, it's yours. You need help leveling? We're there for each other. Don't understand computers and what to do? We can explain it. We have a kinship vent server and we ask that you download ventilo and use it. It makes it ever so much easier to do instances and get to know each other! Also, it seems to take less resources than the ingame chat feature. If you think a small close-knit group would be a good "fit" for you, please contact me, Peldyn, Kyrand, Kimeril, Lauren or Lagnaf. We'd be happy to add you to our "family". We look forward to hearing from you ingame
    [color=plum]Mysteek Blackmayne, Founder
    Mysanariel Blackmayne, Minstrel
    Arkenstone Server, Knights Equitable kinship[/color]
    [FONT="Georgia"][I][COLOR="PaleTurquoise"]Never hesitate to do a kindness, for you never know when it will be too late to do so[/COLOR][/I][/FONT]

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    Re: Welcome Kinships!

    Personae Gratae (Meneldor server) is now accepting applications from players
    We are a casual guild. Interested in exploring all aspects of the game, including raiding, crafting and PvMP.

    Our guild focus is to create a relaxed, friendley, and social enviroment in which players can meet friends, play together and enjoy their time in middle earth. We will be exploring end game content, but are by no means a hard core raiding, PvP, etc guild. We are a guild that allows players to choose their own path and know they will be able, and supported, in any and all of their endeavors.

    You can visit our website at www.personaegratae.com. THere is also a link to our guilds forums where you can chat with guild members, or apply to become a member yourself.

    Thank you and enjoy your tiem in Middle-Earth.

    Guild Leader, Personae Gratae

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    Re: Welcome Kinships!

    Just wanted to update our status.

    Greetings friends of old and new. Though the Masters of Stone have been around for a while, we recently had quite a bit of changes. Now is the time for our rebuilding and we are looking for people to join us in this task.
    The Masters of Stone is a Dwarven Only kinship. We consider ourselves light to moderate RP’rs and mature, casual gamers. Though not crazy lore gods, we do try to keep to Tolkiens lore as best as LOTRO allows.
    The future of the MoS stands with our members. For a quick look though, we hope to hold kinship RP activities, and possibly server wide functions. I am hoping for our kinship to grow to 20 members or so, hopefully with a couple of members from various timezones. Helping out fellow kinmates with questing and such is important, as well as showing ourselves as a good and helpful folks serverwide.
    We are looking for like minded Dwarven folks to come a be a part of the rebuilding of a proud kinship. We currently have a couple of leadership roles to be filled, as well as other important roles. If you are interested, or if you’d like to learn more about us, pm me or send a /tell or mail to Gahran in-game. Our website is small, though we have what we think is necessary. The website is http://mastersofstone.bravehost.com/p1.htm
    Gahran Lonefoot..Leader of the Legion of Valour..Landroval

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    Re: Welcome Kinships!

    Hear ye mates! The Corsairs of Umbar have sailed up the coast in search of a new crew. We're a new Kinship looking for sturdy folk to have fun and adventure plundering and pillaging the coastline of Middle-earth!

    This Kindship is based on the actual Pirates in Lord of the Rings called: the Corsairs of Umbar. This is a light to moderate RP Kinship now accepting members! This kinship is family friendly with a strong emphasis on having fun and helping each other out.

    Some key events that will happen in this kinships: TREASURE HUNTS!! What's pirates without treasure maps?!? Periodically through the game, I'll be posting up treasure maps on the kinship website that will provide clues. Each map will direct you IN-GAME to various key locations. The first person to post in the kinship forums the final clue to the treasure hunt wins actual in-game booty!! (The sparkling kind, not the big boo-tay kind! )

    Eventually if the crew gets big enough, officers in the kinship will be given their own ship (a RP ship, but you could then choose the name) with a crew to manage.

    Of course, being pirates, RAIDS will also be a regular event once enough members of high enough in level.

    Website for Corsairs of Umbar:

    My regular webcomic Honor Among Thieves will also include some stuff from the Kinship as well.

    If you're interested, send me (character name: Sullivan Dane) a /tell in-game or check out the Kinship website.
    [b][color="green"]Sullivan Dane >={====-[/color][/b] - Burglar Man of Gondor
    [b][color="green"]Byrne Oakshott >>------->[/color][/b] - Hunter Dwarf of the Lonely Mountain

    [size=3][b][url=http://www.feystruck.ca/lotro/HaT]Honor Among Thieves[/url][/b][/size] - LOTRO Web Comic

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    Re: Welcome Kinships!

    Hello everyone,

    The Order of the Lone Wolf is a fairly new kinship making it’s home on the Gladden server. We are a mostly casual kinship, less than a month old at this point, with some basic courtesy rules/guidelines. If you would like to review the general welcome statement and guidelines, then please visit our website at: www.orderofthelonewolf.com These guidelines are not meant to start arguments, nor bore you to death; just what needs to be said ahead of time.

    We welcome mature minded players and characters of all the races / classes of middle earth. We look to have a good time without rushing through the game too quickly. Take the time to “Stop and smell the Simbelmyne” so to speak. (Simbelmyne is a Rohirrim Flower; you did NOT needed to know that to join.) Potential members should be friendly and helpful with the best of intentions. We hope to become a kinship where it is easy to find others to play with much of the time, but still tight knit enough that everyone will seem to know each other over time.

    If you are interested after reading the above and looking through the charter on our website, feel free to apply!

    You can inquire about membership by sending me a Private Message here in the forum, or contacting Naerwen / Megilwen or Obsidiate with a Tell in game. You can also send a message through the website or by posting in this thread, however applicants are encouraged to Private Message or In-game Tell for the most rapid response.

    Thanks and have a great Third Age!

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    Re: Welcome Kinships!

    the kinship "guardians of old" on the nimrodel server is recruiting but not openly for too much more after a few more openly joined members we will no longer be open to those that want to join it will be ones chosen so if you shall want to join then make it quick we have 15 members and growing we are an age old guardianship sworn to protect middle earth from any and all evil we do not roleplay unless a player wants to then he is free to do so our our members do not mind as i do when i recruit people (makes it funner that way) any way if you want to join it must be quick when he hit 20 members then members from then on shall be chosen nenmacil the leader and founder the guardians of old

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    Re: Welcome Kinships!

    Hi, Baruk Kazahd (Strictly a PVE kinship) is recruiting mature and active members right now... we have a ventrilo server up and running at al times... friendly group of ppl to play with and a great website where all the updates of the game and the kinship is posted... the leaders of this kinship have been guild leaders of some of the top guilds on world of warcraft so u should know that ur in good hands... if u would like to apply to play in this kinship please go ingame on NIMRODEL server and contact one of the leads.

    Kinship Lord: Trinista

    Second in command: Dragonhert

    Officers: CactusJack

    the kinship website URL is www.barukkazahd.com
    Please register on the forums (mandatory)

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    Re: Welcome Kinships!

    a new kinship on the server called Elendilmir the kinship name: smaugs bane
    plz join and send me a private message if you are intrested . you will instantly be promoted to officer when you join.
    p.s. we will help in any way we can example: quests, cash, ect . and any one can join
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    Re: Welcome Kinships!

    The Order of the Black Arrow has opened it's door for a bit in search of some good mature members. We do believe in "quality over quanity" however we are laid back and love to have a good time.

    We are pretty close and do alot together. We have ongoing campaigns such as our Horse Campaign where the kinship buys horses for it's active members. We also are working on some neat activities like possible a scavenger hunt that encourages our members to dive deep into the imagination of Tolkien.

    If you're interested, please let us know. We'd love to hear from you!

    Name: Order of the Black Arrow
    Server: Windfola
    Leader: Eadwulf
    Officers: Shinglemaster, Jalis, Isilmenum, Hawkwind and Mahari.
    Site: www.orderoftheblackarrow.org (NEW!)

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    Re: Welcome Kinships!

    i am looking to create a new kinship. i need assitant people and a great name for the kinship. anybody is welcome no fees. mail deadinsight in lotro online and we will get together and go to the clerdk of kinships and get one. if you want to be an assitatant plz include why yoou want to be one. how much do you play a day, and are you friendly. this kinships goal will be to level and help each other with quests. the server that i am located on is firefoot

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    Re: Welcome Kinships!

    *Warriornation Multi-Game Clan/Community*

    We are a small kinship on Nimrodel server, looking to increase our ranks with mature, humorous, battle-ready members. The only restrictions we have are that you must be able to participate in conversations without looking like the bratty neighbor kid next door, and that you must be age 13 or older. Sense of humor optional but it is deeply encouraged and welcome .

    If interested, send a tell to Shortstack (That's me ), Eleweien, Corelan, or Deregost. I do NOT want to receive a tell that looks like this: "Plz plz plz plz plz, I wnt to jon ur kinship? Will you plz let me?" HELL NO. If you mistype words it's understandable, just don't make my eyes bleed. If you can't even sound older than eight when asking for an invite, there is no way you will be let in.

    You're welcome to join our kinship just to see how it is, and if you leave after a week, no hard feelings. If you decide that Warriornation is the place for you, you can check out our website http://warriornation.net/ and apply for membership.

    Happy gaming
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    Re: Welcome Kinships!

    The Order of Numenor!

    We are a Kinship of multi level, Class, and Race. We commit ourselves to Teamwork, Freindship and Fun! Many of our members have played many of the MMORPG's over the years such as Dungeons and Dragons, Everquest, Guild Wars and World of WarCraft. We also include in our roster 2 members who are/were founders/Beta Testers of the LOTRO. Are main choice of communication is Ventrilo of which we run a 15 person server through Pure Voice. We are located on the Elendilmer Server and our group night is Sunday 7 PM PST! Allthough we have members on at anytime.

    If you are a mature player and of Age 16 or older, Feel free to check out are Website!

    Click on the Sig!

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    Re: Welcome Kinships!

    The Knights of the Northern Alliance is a kinship on the Vilya Server. We are a small, mature, friendly and helpfull guild looking for more members. We value honor and helping each other out. Through carefull recruiting, because we prefer quality over quantity, we will keep this family close together and we will keep an growing slowly. We are not raiders, some of us might raid eventually, but that is not the focus of this kinships. There is no pressure to play, playing must be fun and not work...so you can be a casual player if thats what suits you. But most of us are pretty active, most of our officers are on every day. We plan to incorporate some light RP elements, but again that is not the whole Kin, and there is no RP police! Most of the time we are enjoying ourselves and helping each other out with quests, crafting for fellow knights or just using our channel for advice and conversation. If we sound like the kind of guild you would like to be part of, please visit us at www.kotna.net. And for those who wonder...yes we do have Ventrilo.


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    Vagabond on Silverlode


    Vagabond is now established with a paid for website and its first member. We have recently received 3 new members! Maybe you can join and introduce yourself!

    My hopes are to have a very fun Kinship first, and I believe this is the main purpose, but I will be needing lots of help from you in organizing and maintaining the fun atmosphere which is so important.

    The kinship will be based in the United States for now, but later once the kinship grows we will be excepting members from all over the world.

    Vagabond will be a versatile kinship. There are no restrictions on levels, race, or class. However, you must be at least 18 years old to be a member. The kinship will focus on all aspects of the game in the beginning, but change can be implemented if the majority of the members favor it.

    So, right now I am looking for a few people who are interested in having fun first, but also willing to spend some time and effort on making sure the Kinship strives. If you would like to talk to me personally then send me a tell in game "Zengard" Hope to see you soon!


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    Re: Welcome Kinships!

    lineage of solitude (los) is a Kinship on the Elendilmir Server. We welcome anyone and everyone. We are looking to gather a community in which to play throughout the game with or just uphold interesting conversation. For any questions Contact Azraellas or kraytos in-game. By either Pm or Ingame mail.

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    Re: Welcome Kinships!

    Defenders of Middle Earth are a small roleplaying guild looking to grow. We are friendly, family orriented (no foul language) always willing to help each other out and once in a while have events that we host amongst our kin with lore stories, games and drinks of course. We are looking for active, relaxed players who enjoy the lotro lore/books/movies/roleplaying and are looking to make new friends. Casual or Hardcore; new or experienced players all are welcome.

    If interested in joining please reply on this thread or you can send in game tells or mail to...... Peonybumbleroot or Williamfernway. We are also looking for a webmaster to create us a great site! Thx for taking a peek, hunt well and be safe friends.

    - Williamfernway
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    Re: Welcome Kinships!

    Wrath of Phoenix has a long standing history stemming back from the original guild I created way back in Star Wars Galaxies. Tyrenain Rebels (TYR). That was the first guild that I created that started an in game / guild friendship and bond that still carried weight today. We were one of the largest guilds on the Intrepid server and thrived in SWG making a name for ourselves.

    Once new games came online, of course, our members moved onto something better, or just something different, all the while establishing “sister” guilds from the original TYR guild. This way we could carry on the values and history that has made this group of people as strong as they are today.

    So, again we venture into a new game, carry the guild banner and setting up shop in LoTRO.

    We are a mature guild. We've had members in MMOs since the beginning of the genre, and have been together as a guild ever since the start of Star Wars Galaxies (SWG). We've been through a lot, but we're a family, and we stick together.

    We are adventurers and explorers. Warriors fighting player and NPC. Crafters, role players, sometimes even storytellers. Our guild doesn't focus on any one area to the exclusion of others. Lord of the Rings Online is a big game, and our guild is going to get into all of it.

    We are NOT a mega-guild, nor do we want to be one. We are not packing our ranks with random meatheads. We are not a specialty guild. We are not a grind or a raid guild full of Vent-screaming chair jockeys whose only accomplishments come online. We are not a daycare, and we are absolutely not a guild for children... no matter how old they are.

    Let's face it -- our average member is a hard-working middle-something, looking to have fun and blow off steam after a long day of solving other people's problems for a living. Our guildchat is going to be full of salty language. We're going to be giving each other hell. We're going to post crass, stupid, sometimes funny pictures on the website. We're a bunch of friends who work hard and play hard, and if things turn PG-21, so be it. It's all in good fun. That's why we're here.

    Alternate characters are great, and encouraged. Guild members with alts should make an effort to let each other know who's who.

    It is not mandatory that alternate characters be guilded. Everybody needs a quiet night now and then.

    In the interest of avoiding complications, guild members should avoid having alternate characters in other guilds, under most circumstances. If a player would like to do so for whatever reason, that player should discuss doing so with a guild elder, so we know what's going on.

    Come visit us at Wrath of Phoenix.

    If you are interested, please click on the “Apply Now” button, located on the “Recruiting” block on the left side.

    Thank you for your time.
    [COLOR=cyan][COLOR=black][SIZE=1][COLOR=lime][B]Jdtigg[/B] [/COLOR][COLOR=white]-[/COLOR] [COLOR=white]([/COLOR][COLOR=white]Man) Champion / Historian (Level 24)[/COLOR][/SIZE][/COLOR][/COLOR]
    [COLOR=cyan][COLOR=cyan][SIZE=1][COLOR=lime][B]SikSika[/B] [/COLOR]- [COLOR=white]([/COLOR][COLOR=white]Hobbit) Minstrel / Scholar (Level 21)[/COLOR][/SIZE]
    [FONT=Georgia][URL="http://www.thecrescentorder.com/forums"][SIZE=1]The Crescent Order[/SIZE][/URL][/FONT]

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    East Coast Elders is Recruiting

    East Coast Elders is a Kinship of casual players who are over 18 and who live on the east coast of the USA. Our members are usually online from 4pm EST to 1am EST. The Kinship is currently only available on the Meneldor server.

    If this sounds like the Kinship for you please either reply to this post or send mail or tell in-game to:


    Thanks! Hope to hear from you soon!


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