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    Welcome Kinships!

    Welcome to the Kinships section!

    This area is reserved for Kinships to post for recruitment, organization, and chat.

    Please be considerate of other Kinships and limit your kinship to one thread, unless it's a subject that other kinships would want to be involved.
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    Re: Welcome Kinships!

    Legends of Midde-Earth kinship extends an open invitation to active, dedicated, & mature members! Our gaming community was established around 4 years ago, we've played very many different online games together and now we are on LOTRO. We have a 100 man high voice quality ventrilo server located in Dallas, TX. Our website is www.legendsofmiddleearth.net, you can visit our site to see any information about us, recent news, videos, and members.

    Our goals as a kinship is to have fun, enjoy ourselves, and see end-game rather quickly. We keep everything very organized in our kinship, we have a detailed officer system with 10 officers who can and will take care of any needs or issues that may come up. We have a detailed award system on our website that allows members to earn awards for the contributions made and be recognized for the things they have accomplished in the kinship. We also have regular scheduled events in our kinship like our famous "Legendary Gladiator Tournament", "Hide & Seek", and our tours of middle-earth.

    Each new member that joins receives a "packet" through the website explaining what we are all about and the many things you can participate in while in our kinship, along with the rules that each member must abide by. Upon submitting your application you must first be approved before you are invited to the kinship. If you feel this kinship is for you, give us a try, visit our website and fill out an application! We are in the Meneldor server, come join us today!
    [ Legends Of Middle-Earth ]
    Azlan - Founder & Leader of The Legends of Middle-Earth kinship
    Meneldor Server

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    Re: Welcome Kinships!

    Hi we are a multi-gaming clan that has been established for a number of years playing in all different areas of the gaming world. We are located in the UK and currently have 40 members. We have decided that to have a good community the numbers of members are limited. We aim for a member population of no more than 100 members. Over the years members come and go due to family commitments or other real life situations or people move to other games not played by our community. The age range varies from 13yrs to 37yrs so we have a good population within the age range. We have Teamspeak for communication and currently run servers for Cod2.

    We currently play and support LOTRO ,GUILDWARS, CALL OF DUTY2, TRACKMANIA.

    All we ask is that you play for fun and are willing to help other members out when they need it. We dont expect members to be online everyday we all have lives outside of gaming and this is a hobby.

    If you feel you just want to sign up to our forums then please do so, no pressure to be a member.

    We are curently playing in the snowbourn server.

    The last but most important thing about opur community is that you DO NOT HAVE TO PAY in anyway shape or form.

    If you like the sound of us then please visit our website. www.gamer-zone.biz

    Thankyou for taking the time to read this.

    Clan Founder DevineAvenger aKa ALDERGAR
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    Re: Welcome Kinships!

    Fellowship of the Fourth Age is recruiting on the Brandywine server. We are looking to add more couples, females, guardians, lore-masters, and especially burglers to our kinship. We are a mature group of players, 90% of us from closed beta. We are open to all races and classes, but have two requirements to join.

    First, as I obviously can not judge your level of maturity, you must consider yourself a mature player. This is not an easily defined term, but I will give you my opinion of a mature player. Mature players can have fun, participate in OOC chat, and even do things like curse without doing it in a malicious or uncouth manner. Insulting players (not just within the kinship) will not be tolerated. Representing the kinship in a way that ANY officer feels portrays us as immature will quickly result in dismissal from the kinship.

    Second, Ventrilo is a must. We did not have Ventrilo to begin with, so some of our members are not on regularly. But we are looking for players who feel that a VOIP program enhances the gaming experience.

    We pride ourselves in being a DRAMA FREE kinship, thanks to these two rules being the only two we have. We are selective on who we recruit, and rather than getting caught up in drama, we will simply remove the problem. Our philosophy is simple: no rules and no drama allow us (as adults) to enjoy the game as it was meant to be... stress relief rather than added stress! If this sounds like the kind of guild you are used to or have been searching for, please check us out at http://4thage.dyndns.org
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    Re: Welcome Kinships!

    The Syndicate is now recruiting on the Gladden server. We currently have 15 members and we accept all ages. Maturity is a must! We have a ventrilo server for those of you that use it.
    We also play Battlefield 2142, Everquest II and a few others.

    Our site is under construction so please be patient.

    Feel free to email me @ dnatech@gmail.com
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    Lords of the Iron Hills is recruiting.

    Server Information: Silverlode
    Time Zone: EST (mostly)
    Website: www.x-tremegamers.clanservers.com

    We are a multi-gaming guild, which started as x-treme gamers. I wanted to give this game a go, so I in turn started a kinship. Right now we have about 30 members for Lords of the Iron Hills as well as others playing Guild Wars, WOW, BFII and COD.

    We are looking for mature, fun, and casual members for our kinship. 20 years old and up, maturity is a must. All characters and abilities are welcome, so if you are new to this don't feel bad, we all have to start somewhere, and most of us are still learning the game. I do also rent a teamspeak server, it is not required that you use it, but the option is there. We understand people have lives so if you aren't on for a while, don't worry about anyone kicking you. This is a fun game, and a great place to relax and make new friends.

    Please feel free to visit our website, and view our forums. If you are interested in joining, or even just giving us a try pm me in game TimCarnage, I play mostly evenings between 6-9pm. You can also pm me here or post in our forums.

    Thanks for reading this, and good luck to everyone looking for a kinship home..
    Silverlode Server

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    Re: Welcome Kinships!

    Kinship Name ETERNAL REIGN

    Kinship Leader(s)/Admission Contact(s) Leader- Phil/ Co-LEader and 1st officer- Clown/ 2nd Officer- Tubes

    Website www.erkinship.com

    Goals/Purpose/Mission Statement WE are a giant family, your problems are my problems,,, yea i could have alot of gold and silver, but i give alot of my stuff to other members who need it, and they are expected to give to others in return! We have a Ventrilo, and encourage its use...

    Some groups refer to themselves as mature... we consider maturity by the person, not there age, and we DO NOT have a zero tolerance policy, we review any member ot memeber disputes on the event they happen, and solve them or///

    yes we have had out share of drama from people, some of them straightend up, others are no longer with us.

    We liek to move about in groups, have fun, WE ALL RP AND FOOL AROUND ON THE /K channel, and we talk about whatever no restrictions!!!

    We plan to be a big group, so if you are looking for a group of 10 people, this is not where you want to be.

    Restrictions if any (Class/Level/Race/etc.) ANYONE at this time, however we may impose some guidelines of recruitment.... i only recruit people who do somethign to demonstrate they are helpful, teamplayer, or are funny.. if you send me a request I am going to ask you some questions... we may plan on being a giant group, but we will not ***** either lol

    Kinship Rules/Guidelines - We take care of issues between players, if someone says something in /k that you dont like report it to us, reporting another player for swearing in our channel (Eternal Reign recognizes that there are rules goverened by turbine, but also understands that as only memebers of our kinship may participate in our channel, we have some say)

    REPORTING /k offences that are simple swear words is not aloud, becasue all members in the group aggree that we are mature people and can tolerate such words and topics.. if you are offended easy we ask that you not join, since we encourage our members to hold nothing back, if you want to talk about whatever then whatever, its all good, just be yourself, usaly they are just words. If someone is making fun of you and it is not in a playful manor, and is viewed as inappropiate by us, we will delete the appropraite party.


    Other Pertinent Info I will not beg you to join, but we offer discounts in memeber to member trade, or will soon anyway, and we all get along, members fighting amonst eachother will not be tolerated, its a game, and like i wrote 3 paragraphs ^above^ we are sarcastic, if you dont have a sense of humor and cant laugh at things, dont bother

    You also must be able to handle mature subject matter, we allow any topic in the /k or vent as long as nothing is going on and it offends no one!

    Please email me at Tubes@erkinship.com for any questions, or /tell tubes

    Eternal Reign... the fun but mature kinship!
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    Smile Guardians of the Triforce

    We are a very fun guild and are growing at a steady pace. We will host many raids and events and everything. TheHylianLink is the kinship leader. We are a respectful guild and therefore we all show respect to all the players on the server. We also are available for playing other games other than LOTRO. We plan to host one major event a month available to everyone on the server and we will have tons of events. Everyone is nice and helps each other out. Fun to raid in our groups now one acts like a jerk. And we are fair to everyone. Our website is www.freewebs.com/guardiansofthetriforce so stop by and pay us a visit you won't regret it. We are involved in the round table so that will help our kinship out alot. So swing by and if you are interest post on the forums. I check them everyday so I should get back to you in now time at all.

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    Post Men of Twilight Kinship

    Now Recruiting mature members....

    Email: MenofTwilight@gmail.com
    URL: http://themenoftwilight.blogspot.com/

    As the Founder of the Men of Twilight Kinship, I am interested in helping new players (esp. after the release) work their way to level fifteen whilst earning Virtues, Race and Class.

    The Men of Twilight Kinship is a grouping of Men from Bree-Land. The Kinship is open to the Men of Bree who have achieved level five in their adventures throughout Eriador. Each member will have attained Three Virtues, One Class and One Race (Man of the Fourth Age). The Primary Objective is to continue the Epic Quest. Other objectives are to conduct raids, improve one's craft, and go on random quests throughout the land so as to obtain goods and assist the people of Eriador. Within this Kinship, we will offer pieces of equipment at a rather low price, ideally we will share our goods in order to assit in leveling our character and building up our Virtues.

    No one in this Kinship is permitted to buy gold from a third party nor to power level their character. This is both ridiculous and repugnant to fair play that this Kinship aspires to.

    If your are interested either write a letter in the game to Lairodren, email me at MenofTwilight@gmail.com, or visit the Kinship Blog at http://themenoftwilight.blogspot.com/

    Blessed are the timid hearts that evil hate
    that quail in its shadow, and yet shut the gate;
    that seek no parley, and in guarded room,
    though small and bate, upon a clumsy loom
    weave tissues gilded by the far-off day
    hoped and believed in under Shadow's sway.

    Mythopoeia by Tolkien
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    Re: Welcome Kinships!

    The Old Timers Guild
    Laid Back, Not too Serious, No Drama,
    All about the Fun!
    Guild Founder

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    Re: Welcome Kinships!

    The Order of The Ring Now recruting on the server FireFoot
    To get More Information Go to theorderofthering.ath.cx
    or send me a /tell in game my ign is Eldroth we are a family firendly guild who will be doing raids nearly all members are preorder members and are very helpful

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    Re: Welcome Kinships!

    Greetings from The Masters of Stone. We are a Dwarven Only moderate RP kinship located in Landroval. Currently recruiting, we ask you to visit our WEBSITE and if interested in joining, post an introduction thread in our new member section.

    Looking to contact us? Try Gahran(in-game) and Jiriki2(here) and Gahran Lonefoot(MoS website)
    Gahran Lonefoot..Leader of the Legion of Valour..Landroval

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    Numen Tir, the Western Watch

    Numen Tir

    We are a Baranduin (Brandywine) server kinship.
    We are a small kinship as we prefer quality over quantity. We encourage our members to give help to all those in need as well as each other of course. We accept any race/class combinations. We are roleplay prefered, it is a roleplaying game after all!

    There is no one specific area of the game we are most interested in other than roleplay. We will do raids, have ingame events, play monsters, grind, craft and all of the things we can do in the game, but none are mandatory. We accept only mature players which has nothing to do with a person's age. We take casual players (one time a week) as well as hardcore players (40+hrs per week).

    We have no website and therefore no need to apply somewhere else or join yet another forum. If some member would like to make a website that is fine and dandy but it will not be a requirement for joining.

    The kinship was formed around the 4th of February 2004. Five old tabletop characters got converted (and reconverted as info on the game came out) to mmoRPG characters. Our goal as a kinship in Lotro is to prepeare and defend Eriador against the rising Shadow of the East. We assist those of lesser abilities and try to learn from those of greater abilities. Any remembered member of LotroSource can automatically join, especially any of the former staff.

    If you are interested in joining, send a letter to some of the names below:

    Nethrandir (young wanderer)
    Boril Khezanem heir
    Lothlaer (flowersong)
    Jena Fullbright
    Orrin Blacklocke

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    *Swords of Dol Amroth*

    no longer active
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    Sinos Brigada

    Sinos Brigada is open for recruitment and taking applications. The core of our guild is a small group of players who have been through a few MMOs together. Some of us go back as far as Everquest, nearly seven years ago. Our goal is to have some laughs while we play the game.

    We have seen many guilds in our time in MMOs and have served as officers and leaders in some of them. We have learned from many mistakes and are hopeful that we can use past experience and not repeat them. As we expand our ranks we hope to experience the game up to and including end game content. We plan on keeping the guild around the 30 member mark. In our experience the larger a guild is the more likely drama will ensue. We are truly out to avoid any drama. After all it’s just a game.

    We are looking for members who are skilled and fit well with our other members. Above all we believe that if you are a fit with the personalities in the guild we will all do well and enjoy the journey. If you are interested in learning more about us feel free to contact Stoutbrew or Runaleornian in-game through mail or /tell. You can also visit our forums at Sinos Brigada to post an application. Thanks.

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    Veni Vidi Vici

    Veni Vidi Vici is currently transferring over from another MMORPG.

    We are seeking mature players who know how to treat each other with dignity and respect. We have, and welcome, players from across the globe however we are essentially an Australian/NZ based guild. Accordingly, our eventual raid times in LOTRO will be based around GMT +10 in the evenings.

    We have just set up on Elendilmir and welcome you to join our community. We are people who work for a living with age ranges from early 20s to early 40s. We seek only mature people who must also be over 18 years for membership to be considered.

    Apply in game but sendinga tell to Card or at our website:

    http://vvv.guildportal.com ...that's v not w

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    Re: Welcome Kinships!

    Defenders of the Faith would like to invite mature and respectful players to join their ranks in middle earth. All you have to do is fill out an application on our website www.guilduniverse.com/lotro. Feel free to look around and get to know our kinship members. We also have a Teamspeak server!!!

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    Re: Welcome Kinships!

    Council of Elements is a Lord of the Rings Online Kinship on the Elendilmir server.

    Ever want to play a MMO and do everything from start to finish? Including ALL content? Council of Elements is a guild made for the people. Council of Elements will work toward raiding high-end content, but Council of Elements will not sacrifice missing this beautiful world LotRO has to offer us.

    Council of Elements asks that it's members have fun and work toward the same goals, such as raiding sometime in the future. Council of Elements will welcome ALL Spheres of interest with open arms. We will not dictate who plays what,when and how. In the end Council of Elements will raid, and raid well. Majority of the members of Council of Elements are experienced and successful raiders from many other MMOs from all generations.Council of Elements will strive to help make all members feel welcomed.

    Council of Elements will have a council of leaders who will strive to make your gameplay and enjoyable one.

    If you are interested in becoming a member of Council of Elements please fill out an Application.

    Stop by our site and look at our guild policies if you think we may be a good fit for you.

    Council of Elements
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    [FONT=Palatino Linotype][COLOR=lime]Elendilmir[/COLOR][/FONT]

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    Re: Welcome Kinships!

    Guardians of Thorin- Nimrodel

    The kinship Guardians of Thorin is a dedicated group of mature players located on the Nimrodel server. Our goal is to have a kinship where no matter what the time of day there will always be members around to form a fellowship with. We are a Dwarven based kinship, although we accept members of all races/classes and levels. Our members are friendly, which makes for a laid back and social kinship where everyone is willing to help a member in need. If you are interested in more information please contact Yaelin in the game via tell or in game mail.


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    Re: Welcome Kinships!

    Gravediggers is looking for new members. We are a helpful adctive kinship. We are in Firefoot. If you are on firefoot and you are looking for a kinship send me some mail or Send Tell if im on. Name is Drimlir
    Drimlir-dwarf gardian-firefoot

    Character is like a tree and reputation like its shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing. (Abraham Lincoln)

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    Re: Welcome Kinships!

    Drunken Hobbits

    No you probably havn't seen us or heard of us. But we don't mind. We're a newly formed moderately sized kinship made up of kind welcoming individuals. No we're not RL friends or even from another MMO, so you won't feel like the 5th tire, we've all just met and are loving every second of our time together.

    Now to the guild, we're based on having......what was it again?....oh right, FUN. Yes fun! Nothing against people who like raiding alot, but sometimes that can become work. (Ex. You have to come be on the game EVERYDAY and raid for 238764 hours or we'll kick you out)(We may raid, but not very often) and thats exactly what we at Drunken Hobbits play the game to get away from. We laugh we joke and forget about our responsibilities. We help eachother out and strive to help everyone even none guild members. I've occasionly gone on and done nothing other than stand around talking to people. Come and join us today...or tomorrow or next year..just join us and make some long lasting friends!

    Post in our recruitment thread to join

    Name: Drunken Hobbits
    Leader: Baneric
    OfficersL: Brooze, Zearn, Ki, Strathalion
    Number of Players / Characters: 50+
    Website: dh.eamped.com

    After countless inquiries, no you do not have to be a hobbit or drunk (Wouldn't you know it, we actually prefer you not to actually be drunk). But you do have to have to play every hour with the good cheer of a drunk hobbit
    Gladden Server - Baneric: Hobbit Guardian
    Proud Founder of the Drunken Hobbits

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    Re: Welcome Kinships!

    Kinship Name: Order of Isengard
    server: Windfola
    Motto or Theme: The Tower of Knowledge
    Approx Size: 20+
    Roleplaying: medium RP
    Monster Play: Accepted, but its not required
    Kinship Leader:Ashx
    Officers:Glavace, Slojin, Carden
    LOTRO Forum Contact(s):Ashx
    Recruitment Thread:
    Order of Isengard is a medium RP mature family style guild. Our recruitment is open to all lvls. Our goal is to hold guild raids while at the same time withold a comfortable guild family for those interested in crafting and roleplaying. Please visit our website at guildportal.com for more info!
    Brief Description: (limited to 3 lines of text)

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    Re: Welcome Kinships!

    Kinship Name: THE FELLOWSHIP


    125+ ACTIVE members, we deleted all beta accounts and accounts that have not logged on for one month. Over 80 members have logged in within the last seven days. Our typical online membership is 10-20 members on at any given time, weekend counts are higher.

    Kinship Type:
    Casual, most members are in late 20's to 30's.

    Optional, Light

    Only if the monster allows you to play with them.

    Daven, Thrymli, Spinle or any on-duty officer.


    Goals/Purpose/Mission Statement:
    We pride ourselves on being a stress free kin, we understand that you’re here to enjoy the game. We don’t have play time requirements and you participate as much or as little as you want with the kin. We help fellow kinsmen if we are able and are generally a great group of friends.

    Restrictions (Class/Level/Race/etc.):
    Open membership, average age of member is 30’s. We like to consider ourselves a mature guild that have a lot of fun. We are open to all levels, we cater to both the power-leveler to the crafters and chatters... you be what you want to be, there's a place for you.
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    Re: Welcome Kinships!

    I am looking for a kinship that has players that play late at night, Pacific Time, and that needs a (currently low-level (11)) Lore-Master. I am normally in-game around midnight and up playing until about 4 am. I have trouble finding folks up and in game during those hours, but I know you're out there. I am a mature adult player (53 years old), well steeped in Tolkien lore, and want to have fun and meet folks while accomplishing quests, both my own and those of others. Trying to toggle together fellowship from among total strangers is not proving to be much fun.

    I have given thought to forming a new kinship on the Brandywine server, were I am currently playing, but don't know enough about the game (joined at open beta) to feel confident of doing a good job and so would rather join/be accepted into an already existing kinship that has late night/early morning players.

    Insomniacs, I know you're out there...talk to me?


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    Re: Welcome Kinships!

    The Rangers of Evendim welcomes you to the Vilya server.....

    We are recruiting on www.rangersofevendim.com

    Our kinship is looking for mature, age is not the primary measure of maturity, dedicated, but laid-back players, who are into the Lore of Tolkien, and we have a great website that has just opened.

    Please apply to the website, and join us!!!!


    Founder, The Rangers of Evendim
    Forged by Fire on Anor
    The Rangers of Evendim
    on Vilya


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