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    Are there any kinship alliances on Silverlode?

    I've been truly inspired by my experiences on Brandywine with the Alliance for Valour--they are a fantastic group of kinships who enjoy helping each other and believe in treating one another with honor and integrity. I had the pleasure of meeting many new and wonderful people. When a bunch of my fleetmates in our Star Trek fleet decided to give LOTRO a try when it went F2P, naturally, joining that alliance (either in Valour Kinship or as an allied kinship) was my first choice. Unfortunately, the queues were so long for our f2p friends that it was essentially impossible for them to get onto the Brandywine server. So, we decided to make the move to Silverlode and start Lotus Kin.

    What I was wondering was if there is an equivalent alliance on the Silverlode server. Our kinship is fairly new and we have a lot of new players/alts, even though I've been a lifer for 2 years now. We're a mature, laid-back bunch, and we work on keeping things fairly 'clean' in teamspeak chat because some of us have younger kids. We share our time and resources with each other without expectation of anything in return. By sharing our resources, we've managed to advance our various crafting professions far more quickly than if we tried to 'go it alone', for instance, and this has benefited the entire kinship. We'd like to expand our base of friends and fellow players by joining an alliance of like-minded folks. If there's not an alliance, perhaps a number of like-minded kinships could come together to form one. In any case, I look forward to hearing from different groups. Thanks!
    If you're a LOTRO and Star Trek fan, check out [url]www.lotusfleet.com[/url].
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    Re: Are there any kinship alliances on Silverlode?

    I think you'll find a bit of interest in that sort of an idea. Calayesse has been around since launch and sounds similar to your group, laid-back mature attitude, lots of casuals who enjoy the game but have families and other RL commitments. I'd be interested in something like this, even if it's only a way to fill up fellowships with similarly leveled players for group content, organized or ad-hoc. Communication is usually where things like this break down. You can create a custom chat channel but then people need to use it or get enough people on each other's friends lists so that word gets around. I'm certainly opened to further discussion here.
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    Re: Are there any kinship alliances on Silverlode?

    Lyzonlightheart (the leader of the Alliance for Valour on Brandywine) did set up an alliance chat channel there, which we all used, and has a website for the entire alliance to use, even if the kinships had their own sites already. I can certainly set up a channel once I figure out how to do that. I agree that it's then a matter of having people use it. We passed the word around to all our kinmates on Brandywine to make sure they were subscribed to the channel. The nice thing is that it came on automatically when you logged in.

    I should be able to get space on the Lotus Fleet website for an alliance section within our LOTRO sub-forum, if people don't mind a Star Trek theme to the site.
    If you're a LOTRO and Star Trek fan, check out [url]www.lotusfleet.com[/url].
    My blogs: [url=http://tiny.cc/zkr2i]Confessions of a Geeky Mom[/url] and [url=http://tiny.cc/1ae7c]ADD-ADHD Support[/url]



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