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    Yet Another Skirmish Horn Thread

    Feel free to complain about it in this post, and in all the other posts that people have made as well. Maybe if the entire first page of this forum is nothing but Skirmish Horn complaints, Turbine may fix it sometime within the next 6 months.

    Here are some helpful comments users have made about the horn so far...

    Quote Originally Posted by Stiles223 View Post
    I cannot stress how HORRIBLY loud the sound is, think 50000 Vuvuzelas and a dying cow.

    Quote Originally Posted by greendarner View Post
    The horns are so loud that I just do not want to do skirmishes! They manage to startle me half the time, and even when I'm bracing for it, I am almost blown out of my chair. It's so loud the speakers sound like they're vibrating. I keep expecting them to jump in the air.

    Quote Originally Posted by ShinryuLOTR View Post
    What are you HOOOONK! talking about? HOONK! The horn doesn't HOONK bother me one HOOOONK! bit.

    Quote Originally Posted by Aereana View Post
    Oh my goodness, even with every sound option set to zero the horn still blares at full volume like a thousand vuvuzelas from hell.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rainyman View Post
    Freakin /signed.

    Remember to share your opinions in this post and in many of the other wonderfully helpful threads:

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    Get rid of the freakin skirmish horns.

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    Re: Yet Another Skirmish Horn Thread

    GD the horns! Uselessly loud, uncontrollable, incredibly irritating, and cause aversions to even entering a Skirmish. Suuuuuuuch an easy fix, so why is Turbine ignoring this? Don't make me tell Warner Bros. on you!

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    Re: Yet Another Skirmish Horn Thread

    Obviously NOT an easy fix, else they'd be fixed already.

    It's got to be tied with (player-made) music as I see similar issues with it (TOO LOUD) and, the whole reason I'm posting, I have all sounds turned off in my options. Everything. Most of the time, I don't hear anything, however sometimes, I still get the the blaring skirmish horn noise and I can still hear player music.
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    Talking Re: Yet Another Skirmish Horn Thread

    IMHO, the horn should be made available for use by everyone, everywhere!

    BUT, its only audible after 2 am local time for folks in the vicinity. What better way to wake up the damn minstrel after she's fallen asleep on her keyboard for the 3rd consecutive time.

    On second thought... /signed! Nuke the friggin thing. My dog has a panic attack every time she hears it.
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    Re: Yet Another Skirmish Horn Thread

    As has been stated by myself and others this 'bug' showed up around Beta 3, we all reported it and were told that they were aware of the issue and that if they could not fix it that they would revert to the old system before we went live. Look where that has gotten us.

    The skirmishes are not the only thing affected by this 'bug'. The Player Music can not longer be muted either. Apparently in the scheme of things Turbine/WB does not think that this bug is a high priority. Kinda like the fog bug in Forochel. That bug has existed for almost 2 years and has never been addressed.
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    Re: Yet Another Skirmish Horn Thread

    I just ran Amon Sul. Can loud skirmish horns give you dain bramage?
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    Re: Yet Another Skirmish Horn Thread

    They're loud, yeah... but I mean. Not that loud. I don't know what the big complaint is, aside that they sound kind of silly. Their volume isn't an issue for me, not sure what sound settings you guys are using :P

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    Re: Yet Another Skirmish Horn Thread

    With a decent sound card and a good set of quality speakers it is eardrum splitting, trust me, and even when you crank the volume right down, it still reverberates you can almost feel it as much as hear it, animals freak out, children cry... god, won't somebody think of the children???

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    Unhappy Re: Yet Another Skirmish Horn Thread

    Try running with 3 people like I and my buddies usually do...
    All of us 3 have speakers, volume turned down, table top microphones, running skype...

    All is fun and games until...


    And then echo for another 30 seconds, long enough for the NEXT wave to trigger the whole mess again.

    So now we've got to run with "Mute game sounds" checked... sigh..

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    Re: Yet Another Skirmish Horn Thread

    Well, I thought you were nothing but a bunch of whiners, then I downloaded and installed the EU f2p Stress Test Preview client.

    OH-MY-GOD! The first time I heard it, coffee shot out of my nose!

    I went to my audio controls thinking the volume had reset, they were set right at the low end of the scale......................... ......oh-my-god. OH-MY-GOD!

    The Orc-horn sound that you get when you capture a flag isnt too bad, though it is loud.

    The Horn which signifies a counter attack is simply DEAFENING!

    I can see myself *NOT* playing Defensive skirmishes anymore until the Horn is fixed.

    Ive always liked the (I think of it as "Rohirrim Horns") when you finish a skirmish, cant we have those as the capture-the-flag-point-sound and the current capture-the-flag-point-sound as the counterattack notification?
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