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    Looking for active RP kinship

    Hello all, I'm a new player however i have a ton of mmo experience. I recently joined an RP kinship however I've only ever seen AT MOST four people on at one time. So I'm looking for a more active kinship.

    I know a ton of LOTR lore am mildly proficient with Quenya and would really like to be able to RP more. Reply here, send me a pm, or just send me a tell in game.

    I am on most days a week barring thursday nights.

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    Cool Re: Looking for active RP kinship

    Whats ur in game name? Mine is the same here but sometimes ppl sign in with a different name on these forums. I host the kinship GANGS and if you would like to join we'd be glad to have ya if not thats okay as well. The choice is yours. Oh and don't be worried about whether or not some one will be on We are currently the largest kin and still the fastest growing but, don't take my word for it ^.^ Check out the profile you'll know.

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    Re: Looking for active RP kinship

    I'm not trying to take away from any kinships (including mine Followers of the Golden Sword) but it looks like your looking for an active RP kinship. I personally don't know of any on this server (not to say they aren't out there on this sever), but I've heard that the servers Landroval and possiably Imladris are our unoffical "role playing" servers. Between the two Landroval will probably be the more active. I hope this helps you in your search.

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    I'd have to agree with Mistle since it sounded like ur still starting out this server; you still have a preatty good chance to check out the others.

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    Re: Looking for active RP kinship

    Despite the fact that Landroval is the unofficial "RP server", I don't see why there can't be an RP community on Dwarrodelf. Landroval's getting a bit too busy for me, anyhow.

    Personally, I wouldn't mind a more "niche" community in a less RPish server. Sure, you'll have to endure the flames now and again, but meh.

    Good luck with the kinship. I'm building my alt right now, but maybe sometime in the future I'll run into you.
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