If you are an aspiring craftsman in search of knowledge, always keep an eye on /Trade for offers from Socrates or his associates (Bowan, Imi or Yodel).

Socrates - scholar & weaponsmith patterns
Imi - metalsmith & tailoring patterns
Yodel - jeweler patterns
Bowan - woodworking patterns

When you see them make a comment such as: "/Trade any scholars need [pattern1] [pattern2] or [pattern3]?", that means the patterns are FREE for any craftsmen that are ready to learn the pattern. Simply whisper with the patterns that you need and they will be mailed to you. Please do not ask for patterns you already know, cannot use or would like to reserve for a future character.

This is a free service offered to the Dwarrowdelf community of craftsmen and applies to patterns only -- the Institute is focused on furthering the advancement of knowledge. If you desire crafting materials such as ore or planks, you will need to look elsewhere.