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    Barrow Downs with a Vet

    Hey all. Not sure what kind of reception I'm going to get, but so far in game at least I have been pretty good feedback from it. I am going to be hosting in the evenings when I can full fellowship run called "Barrow Downs with a Vet". When I first started on this server, I noticed there were a ton of new people who didn't know their class role or how to play well in a full fellowship, so I have been leading nightly runs of Barrow Downs.

    I'd like to welcome any new players who would be interested in coming along, I am purposely taking the instances very slow and explaining everything I can to the folks who come out to it. If anyone is interested in coming a long, please send a /tell or in game mail to my Warden, Lazybrock, and I would happy to have you along. Thanks!

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    Re: Barrow Downs with a Vet

    This sounds like a great idea. Just wondering if there is a minimum level needed to be successful in your group. Also, when you say "nightly", do you mean night time in the US?

    Even if I can't join you due to one of the above constraints, I still think it is a very cool idea. Thanks for taking the time to help out newbies like me!

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    Re: Barrow Downs with a Vet

    Yeah, I am in the eastern time zone here in the U.S., although the time frame from which I am going to do this will probably vary quite a bit. My work schedule tends to vary, so for instance tomorrow night I will probably be on around 5pm eastern, but Wednesday night it will likely be closer to 11:30 pm. Really I would suggest just add me to your friends list, and if you see me on give me a /tell and I'd be glad to get one going.

    So far I have run Maze and Thadur with folks two nights in a row, and gotten 8 folks so far their skull keys.

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    Re: Barrow Downs with a Vet

    I might be interested in doing it. I'm a rune-keeper and it's really the first time I've played a class that can heal. I've done 2 runs of The Maze right now with moderate success. I'm currently level 30. I'm also curious as to if it is worth it to complete the Great Barrows armour set at my level.

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    Re: Barrow Downs with a Vet

    Heya Astral, not sure off the top of my head if the barrow downs gear is any good at that level, I guess the only way to know would be to compare it to critted crafted stuff at that level, and I don't have a toon that can do that at this point in time. As far as the minimum level, tonight I ran some folks through all three great barrows instances and we ranged from 22 to 25. Had a couple of deaths here and there but overall it went pretty well. Got four more people their skull keys, so I guess it was a success.

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    Re: Barrow Downs with a Vet

    Kudos to you! That's a mighty fine service you're providing!

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    Re: Barrow Downs with a Vet

    My warden is now getting a little over leveled for Great Barrows, but I have a lore-master coming up to hopefully keep doing this. So far it has gotten a really good response, so I'm going to keep doing it as long as I see people want to.

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    Re: Barrow Downs with a Vet

    This is great, I'll see if you're around tonight.

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    Re: Barrow Downs with a Vet

    If anyone is still interested, I'm still running this on my Lore-Master, Lazymara.

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    Re: Barrow Downs with a Vet

    it's not a bad idea to run it with overlevel characters in case the team's really bad. Just don't go all out with your skills to preserve some challenge, but still do enough to keep everyone alive and running through smoothly. I ran a low level team through Thadur last night (in about 10min lol) and it was really fun and I was able to give lots of tips on FMs, pulling, target strats etc.
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