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    constantly disconnecting

    Help! I keep trying to play Lotro on my Dell Inspiron 1545, and I keep getting disconnected, and worse, my wireless gets disabled so i need to restart my computer to get internet, Please answer ASAP

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    Re: constantly disconnecting

    If you're playing over a wireless connection, there is a strong possibility that your wireless gateway is having trouble with streaming UDP packets - which the game relies on for the live connection to the game worlds. I've seen this a couple of times now and it's usually meant one of the following solutions:

    1) Check to see if there is a firmware update for your gateway/router that solves problems with UDP overruns.

    2) See if there is an updated driver for your Dell's wireless module.

    3) Try a higher quality model wireless gateway. (Means purchasing a new one)

    4) Try a wired connection.

    5) Sometimes a combination of 1 through 3 . . .

    Hope that helps!
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    Not to intentionally bump a zombie thread per se, yet I'm having this same issue with my Dell Inspiron 1545. Can play for a maximum of two hours and then my wifi cuts out, have to restart to get my net back, etc.

    This only happens with lotro. It didn't happen at all for about three weeks when I first began playing and then all of a sudden the nasty disconnect-restart routine kicked in.

    Possibly the UDP packets issue because my driver is up-to-date but my router is so old the company no longer offers CS for it and it absolutely won't update its firmware (tried and failed over and over again).

    So I know I need a new router but...Lysandro had the same problem with the same laptop make and model as I have. Perhaps coincidence? I'm doubting it is. I won't know for sure until I have that shiny new router *sighs* which is not going to be anytime soon.

    In any case, I was so relieved to find this thread thanks for starting it, Lysandro, and for the suggestions you outlined, Ogmios.

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    Re: constantly disconnecting

    Having exact same issues with my brand new Samsung 4G-LTE, but in this case it's Verizon. The 4G Network's been going through all kinds of H-E Double Hockey Sticks since December 7th of this year, now it's even worse as the news is reporting that a record number of 4G Devices were activated Globally because of the Holiday... sighs ...I have the most expensive, elaborate data plan they have available. You'd think they'd respect that...



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