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    Bad AI for Herbalists?

    On my hunter I grabbed a Herbalist to help offset some of the dmg i'd be taking in solo skirmishes and it was great for all of three levels. From 20-23 the Herbalist seemed to have a great AI and when I was taking heavy dmg and she had no mobs on her and no other NPCs around taking dmg she'd actually toss me heals. However between 24 and 32 i've noticed that my herbalist sits there and spam heals herself when i'm fighting a single mob and have aggro. (bear encounter in Tuckburough being one of the worst cases of this). Sher also uses her power restore ability on herself when shes at full power and i'm sitting with only 100 power left. I've been sitting right on top of her when this is happening as well as being right in front, behind to the side ect.. of her and she still displays horrible AI in choosing to spam herself while i'm dying without a single heal.

    Is this just a bad AI bug that affects the herbalist during her lvl24+ training range or has she simply become completely useless post 23?

    I'm wondering because as long as shes busy spam healing herself and being useless I could be finding some way to bring a wet tissue into my skirmishes since it would be much more useful. ><

    Bottom line I guess is am I the only one with a Herbalist that lacks the basic AI needed to actually heal something other then herself or is it an ongoing trait for that particular type of soldier?

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    Re: Bad AI for Herbalists?

    Have you leveled your Herbalist to coincide with the level you are at, including her skills?

    Just to note, all of the soldier classes have deplorable AI, Herbalist being the least of the worst, though. I've run with an Herbalist on my Hunter and the only real issue I have had is pathing. She's been really good about healing.

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    Re: Bad AI for Herbalists?

    Yes. I made sure to keep her at the very least even with my level as far as her skills go. And as I stated for the first three levels she was very dependable but since I hit 24 (current 33 now) shes had really bad AI for some reason and its been getting on my nerves. I'm sitting there fighting mobs and shes healing herself when shes at 100% health with no mobs on her and using the power over time regen on herself when shes at full power.

    Its to the point where shes healing herself when i'm sitting at 300morale with 50 power and shes sitting at 100% for both her morale/power bars.

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    Re: Bad AI for Herbalists?

    I've noticed this in the last few levels on my burg. My herbalist is content to power regen herself all the time. It wasnt like this before. Is there some fix?

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    Re: Bad AI for Herbalists?

    It would help to mention how your have your herbalist traited.
    Playing on JQ in GW2

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    Re: Bad AI for Herbalists?

    I have been using an Herbalist from level 20 to 52 on my RK. She does a fine job. She will not heal once I am out of combat, and I sometimes have to top myself off then. She will not heal me much if she is tanking several mobs, she is smart enough at least to keep herself alive as a priority. I usually try to make sure the mobs leave her alone unless I need an offtank for a few. Pathing is not bad because she follows instead of running in front.

    When tanking the Elite mobs I sometimes have to CC them or slow and run for a bit so she can refill my morale bar. Otherwise, with 4 mobs on me she still keeps me at least 60% morale and has never let me down. A signature LT alone cannot dent my health with her behind me. These are tier 1 skirmishes though.

    I chose not to use the renew power trait on her, and so far have not needed it. I read it was a little buggy and she never runs out of power herself. I would rather pop a power pot or my power renew spell and have her focus on healing. So she is slotted with 3 heals (2 from trainer and one bought from the barter npc).

    I keep her fully trained to my level.

    I love my faithful Herbalist, but I really need to get her a different outfit.

    So something is not right with the behaviour of your Herbalist. Wonder if you should try removing the power regen trait to see if that is buggy?
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    Re: Bad AI for Herbalists?

    Herbalist heal AI is buggy. They heal on actual health/power, not percentage based. Meaning if you have a RK stone up (1 max power), it will spam it's power heal on the stone, as that is the fellowship member with the lowest power. Not good and should have been fixed long ago.

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    Re: Bad AI for Herbalists?

    Just saw this posting.

    YEA the Herbalist AI is broken and it drives me crazy.... It does anything but heal well

    Turbine is makeing me crazy with their bad quality



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