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Thread: looking for kin

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    looking for kin

    Hi everyone, I am a part-time player and enjoy this game very much. I have a level 19 champion. I have a small mmo background (1 game but that game was lineage 2). I have one day a week that I can play regularly, that day is Tuesdays between 830 and 1130pm pacific time with the occasional Friday or Saturday night. I am looking for a kin that likes to pvp, raid, and skirmish or other things I don't know about yet that are group activities. My in game toon is ziryab. Thank you for your consideration.

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    Re: looking for kin

    Hey man, just letting you know that our Kin, Cloaked KinGDoM, is looking for new members. Most of us are similar to you, not having all day to play, but we have members playing everyday of the week. I myself am in California, so I can play with you whenever you get on.

    We have a website: www.kingdomclan.com

    Just visit that and you can find out some more about us.

    We come from the multi-gaming clan, KinGDoM Clan, and play other games such as Battlefield Bad Company 2, America's Army, and Navy Field, along with LOTRO.

    We also have a ventrillo server, which allows us to talk with one another. We recommend you have a mic if you join ventrillo, but it is not necessary.

    Go to our site if you're interested, so we know that we should look for you being on. You can add some of our members in game so when you are playing, we can help you out and talk to you about joining.


    Just talk to one of us, and we will be glad to accept you into the kin. Hope to hear from you soon.



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