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    Open Tapping Awareness

    Dear Players of Crickhollow,

    I have recently been attempting to complete several slayer deeds, one of which is "Brood Hunter" in the Northern Barrow-Downs, and it has come to my attention that a portion of the population here, at least in the lower levels, is not fully aware of "Open Tapping." Now, I'm fairly new to this game, only about a month in, but long enough to have seen the change to open tapping in the last patch. This is a glorious change that greatly assists in annoying quests and slayer deeds such as the aforementioned "Brood Slayer". It means, that even if you hit a mob once, you will still get full credit and loot, assuming you stay within the area.

    While attempting this deed, I noticed a large amount of people that would ignore the mob I'm attacking, and run to the next one, as opposed to just attacking the mob I am currently attacking so as to get credit too. Now, I understand this habit will be difficult to overcome, considering that before such an action would have resulted in zero loot, zero xp, zero credit, and also construed as slightly rude. I ask of you to just poke my mob once, so you at least credit too. I have no issue with this, and I'm sure many others won't, but you are only hindering your progress by running past.

    I am not asking for assistance or any of the sort, I'm just wanting to spread a little awareness on this. I can understand the desire to just mindlessly slaughter monsters without care of grouping or social interactions, but don't be afraid to hit a mob currently attacked.

    I would love to see open tapping change the mindset of the our player base from a desire to claim monsters and more to a desire to assist, even if the sentiment behind it is less for kindness and just for self-interest.

    Also, I hope you don't take offense to me attacking your mobs. The last thing I want is to insult or have my actions taken as rude. If I have annoyed you by doing such, forgive me. It was not my intention to cause displeasure or be rude; I am merely enjoying the new system. Like I said, I am sorry if I have caused any frustration from my actions, as that was not my intent. I hope I am not being rude by posting this.

    In short, please attack my mobs, and try not to take offense to others attacking yours.

    Thank You,

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    Agreed, it seems many players (more so in the lower end) either haven't read, don't understand or totally missed the notes on open tapping.

    So.. with that in mind those same folks probably won't read this either, yer best bet is to create awareness as you wander, if you see a regional conversation about it, jump in and set confused folks straight, many read the chats even if they don't speak themselves, one well placed comment could teach many.

    Server needs more of that on the lower end anyways

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    I had a situation last night with my warden in the North Downs. I hobbit hunter was following me around and shooting everything I attacked. I fully understand how open tapping works, but by him killing mobs I was engaging, he was making in incredibly difficult to complete my gambits, which, when soloing at the early levels, I am trying to work up for my class deeds. I eventually asked him politely if he wouldn't mind stopping, or if he wanted to coordinate our attacks by joining in a fellowship. Possibly do some of the fellowship quests in that zone. He did agree to stop, but only after getting a bit snarky and essentially calling me an idiot for asking.

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    It's probably going to be a bit confused for a while. They might want to take off that hint that comes up occasionally on the loading screen about "The first person to hit a mob gets the credit for the kill" or whatever it says...

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    I'm aware of what open tapping represents for the player base but like one of the others just mentioned, it is veryirritating to be going thru a string of gambits or other attacks to get your classtraits taken care of, and then to have someone, usually a hunter, come in and think they are helping and screw up what i was trying to accomplish in the first place.



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