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    Wicked Renown Farming!

    !lol, i had her admit it to me once when i was taking an OP , but being as i dont have a Screenshot the rest of you will have to come to your own conclusions.

    I HIGHLY doubt a spider of all creep classes would have been able to legit get to rank 3


    without farming while the 2nd highest rank is..rank 0 ! lol.

    and the freeps :


    Honestly i already know the truth because ive heard it from the perp but i dont see anyone could not see that shes farming, and it sucks to be honest. Granted 3 ranks isnt really very much and in the grand scheme wont mean anything once the moors is populated but it still says abit about her.
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    Re: Wicked Renown Farming!

    Not that I have myself but, I cant frown on anyone farming on this server...there are NO freeps, and even if there were there are NO creeps. So the only viable option to progress as a monster player on this server for the time being would be to farm... Back a bull into a corner and hes gonna kick you in the face.

    Also: Calling peps out in the forums is not only against the CoC but its petty, im guilty of it but meh get over it. Farming is NOT against the CoC. :/
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    Re: Wicked Renown Farming!

    I've been out there fighting creeps whenever they're out there, but it isn't very often. We actually got 3 freeps into the Moors, but ended up doing Delving of Fror instead the other day because no action.

    WTB more creeps.

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    Re: Wicked Renown Farming!

    Things are pretty busy right now but I'll see what I can do after October.

    Assuming the numbers haven't sorted themselves by then that is.

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    Re: Wicked Renown Farming!

    i might move my rank 6 WL and rank 4 BA over once things get spiced up that will give the moors some life not much.. but some

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    Lol, seems theres always been and always will farming.

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