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    I think that this issue will get some attention if enough people politely sign this petition (http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.p...38#post6328838).

    I don't think the complaining is helping, even though I am just as frustrated about this as everyone else is. I am currently homeless because I abandoned my home in the elf housing area, thinking that I would be able to buy one eventually (I didn't know the cap for new housing instances had been reached) in the shire which is where I desperately want a home. Unfortunately for me that was a dumb move and I am homeless for who knows how long until they address this issue.

    P.S. there's a nice deluxe house available in the elf homesteads in ered luin now if anyone wants it (its in Brandywine server).

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    I know this issue has been in the forums for a great while now. We all remain hopeful that a solution will come to surface that would be fair to everyone.

    We all grow weary of all the rats sneaking over from our neighbors abandoned house. Many solutions have been suggested indeed. Now that there is a true housing shortage, I fear the possibility of people actually selling their lotro houses for actual RL money or massive amounts of in-game gold.

    As far as the abandoned due to real life military service, I have said it before... As a veteran myself I would have gotten into pretty serious trouble if my real life house was foreclosed upon, due to deployment or any reason. If your house in game is that important to you, then make arrangements prior to deployment to get it paid for you. In real life, the landlord really doesn't care why your rent went unpaid, if you didn't make arrangements, you will return to the states homeless if you fail to take care of your personal business and could lose a stripe as well. "But this is just a game" some argue, they are correct, it is just a game, thus deal with the loss of an in-game home and let others play while you are away, or make arrangements with your kin or friends in game to take care of your house while you are deployed. Simple as that.

    Bottom line, I agree, houses left unpaid for 6 months, should be simply returned to the market and its contents placed in escrow should the player ever return.
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    I agree, 6 months is long enough to realize if you are coming back or not. After that time, put their stuff in escrow and return the house. If they come back on month seven they can try to repurchase their house.
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    I don't feel that the sentiment needs to be expressed in a manner of which is angry or even what many would consider 'whiney'. I don't think that gets through, and really tends to earn a reflexive response by many to "Ignore the child until it stops having a fit".

    The posts in this thread that are constructive and logical are more likely to get through to the staff. Also, take a step back and consider that your views, thoughts, and feelings are the first and most unique to the situation.

    Turbine has already taken all of this into consideration, I'm positive. In fact, to my understanding, foreclosure was a feature that had existed in the past and was removed for the sake of consumers who haven't been on much.

    I understand this stance, truly. All of their customers and players are being taken into consideration with their decision and the view is certainly understandable that more housing is available in other neighborhoods... which are seemingly endless in supply.

    I think it might also be... mmm... an ideal compromise to give the players, who've been gone for over 6 months, a voucher to purchase a house in a different neighborhood upon their return while providing the loyal customers who are here now the opportunity to land in the neighborhood their other friends are in. This way, the person wouldn't have to pay the full gold for a new one.

    On RP servers, this is especially desirable. I know a lot of RP I have been in of late has been between neighbors near the kinhouse I am in and I would like to be able to purchase even one of the ruddy run-down shacks in the Bree-land homesteads that have been abandoned by players who haven't been back in a while and who likely won't return.

    That is my compromised thought on the matter, though it's by no means, a demand for such a thing.

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    Honestly, there are many things I'd like to see. Here's my list, in no particular order.

    1. Instanced housing IN TOWNS. Like apartments, you would access them from doors in towns like Bree. They would be one room, have limited storage and limited decoration. Multiple players could access their apartments from the same door in the town.

    2. Allow all characters to buy houses. I, for example, have an Elf who should be living in an elvish home, a hobbit who should be living in a hobbit hole, and so on. Let us buy houses for all our characters. You could even leave the costs the same.

    3. Evict people from homes where the upkeep has gone unpaid for 3 months. I think that's plenty of time. Put any possessions in the house into escrow, and leave them there until claimed.

    4. Let us put crafting nodes at our houses. One inside, one outside for small homes. Two each for deluxe homes, three each for Kinship Halls. These nodes would be private (meaning only the owner can use them). These nodes would require upkeep in the form of money and occasionally items. Allow them to be upgraded to superior status. This would require the character go on quests to acquire the materials for the upkeep (such as rare books for a superior study).

    5. Let us place items in the house freely, both inside and outside.

    6. Have events (such as the Spring Festival) occur in the neighborhoods (instead of or as well as in other areas).

    7. Redesign the houses. In many cases (especially the Hobbit homes), they really don't have a very sensible or authentic layout.

    8. Put neighborhoods in all the places our characters can come from. My Elf, for example, is from Rivendell. I should be able to live there (or at least very nearby). Really, I'd like to see housing available in all areas (including places like Forochel and Angmar).

    I'm sure I can come up with more, but I think I've hit the main things.
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    I don't understand why one of the main concerns for 'do not foreclose houses' is because military personnel would lose their homes upon lengthy deployments.

    Far, far, far more homes would be foreclosed due to people not playing or intending to come back, so it would stand to reason that if a military person came back from deployment to find their home gone there would be plenty on the market from the people who have left the game. There could also be an item in escrow that exists for for 50% of next home purchase or something to ALL foreclosed houses so to soften the blow if someone inactive does come back after 1, 2, 3 years away.

    I can't speak from knowing but I think we all understand that the vast majority of disused houses are from people who do not play, as apposed to people who can not play (be it military deployment or any form of business deployment).

    My father was a Royal Marine and would be deployed all the time when I was growing up so I do respect the armed forces, however I cannot help but think that on their list of priorities from returning, paying upkeep on their LotRO home would be quite near the bottom (near "call the in-laws).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiamo View Post
    7. Redesign the houses. In many cases (especially the Hobbit homes), they really don't have a very sensible or authentic layout.
    If Hobbit-holes looked like the one from the turtle soup line, then that is a sure fired win. That Hobbit-hole was awesome. It went down into the ground, had pantry, lots of rooms for guests, and was 'comfortable'. Current Hobbit-holes are wide, spacious and feel more like a cave than a comfy, warm place to sit and eat a cake.

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    I was on the recieving end of a foreclosed house before they changed the system. I had a baby and thought I'd be able to log on once in a while to pay my upkeep, but reality kicked in and it just didn't happen. I was quite annoyed as I had a deluxe house right next door to our kin house.

    While yes, if they brought it back, there would be more houses to pick from if you did lose your house and had to buy again, there is still the matter of getting the house you really want.

    I do think though that it is something to look at. Perhaps start with a long time period, a couple of years since someone has logged on. After a while, if there is still a mass of houses closed due to upkeep not being paid then bring it back to a year or so. Shorter again if need be, but I would hope it wouldn't be less than a few months.
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