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Thread: Raiding Unity

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    Raiding Unity

    - I am organizing one of the first (if not the) mixed-Kin raid skirmishes. Why? Basically this is so Kinships can get to know one another to a degree and work together towards, even if as simple as a skirmish, a common goal. I am asking all Kinships, who wish to participate to contact Mercer and the name of 2-4 willing members between the levels of 31 and 41. I will be selected Kin representatives based on class needed and level average. It would be a great opportunity to experience a raid environment and some of the dynamics of class fundamentals in such a setting. If you are not selected, it is not personal ... it is just the limitations of only having 12-slots. If we get enough for two, I will probably offer an officer or leader from another Kin to run a 2nd raid skirmish. I will be posting the time/day for the event once I have enough interest to do so. But it will be on a weekend and probably sometime during the afternoon PST.

    - You can post here with ideas, but not to sign up. Please use in-mail to do so. Not in-game tells please. Thanks folks.

    - Mercer
    - Privateers of Belfalas
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