If you're more interested in finding a group of people you may actually enjoy gaming with as opposed to just downing "that mob in that place that drops that loot".

If you like pvp because you like to group up and kill people on that internet thing as oppsed to min/maxing your infamy and hugging stars.

If you're just as, if not more, interested in making sure your kinmates have everything they need as well as yourself.

If you have kids, or even if you don't, as long as you understand that real life is more imprtant than "that piece" of teal loot.

If you leveled "that craft" to SM because you actually enjoy making the stuff instead of trying to sell it on the AH

If you'd give up a Tier 4 Tome because your kinmate needed it, or pass on a symbol cause you already have your weapon as opposed to needing and posting it on the AH 5 minutes later.

If you don't care if you go into "that dungeon" and own it on the first try or even the 5th try, as long as you did better than you did the last time. **Note, it's ok, and encouraged to be aggravated by not succeeding, ragelogging, not so much.

You can find me on Elormin (min), or Elorandil (chmp).