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    Still Kin searching

    Hi everyone again ....I figured I would refresh this post and maybe give a bit more information that I may have neglected not mentioning before. Im a veteran player who has been addicated to lotro since Aug/07. I have a few toons that I enjoy playing...(Guard lvl 65, Champ lvl 65, Captain lvl 65, Burg lvl 65, Mini lvl 65, and Runekeeper lvl 65).

    My mains my guardian (Atesca) and I enjoy tanking a whole lot. Im not a huge pvp fan (sorry) but i do enjoying running any and all instances. Im on the West Coast, but since Im retired, time zone really doesnt mean much to me. I am looking for a small to maybe med size kinship, not overly comfortable with kins that are 250+, just dont want to get lost in the pile. I have heard from some really considerate people so far, but I'm still looking. I dont mind joining a kin thats starting out and needs veteran players, but, I really dont want to be trapped running thru CD, URU, and other simliar areas all over again. I hope this provides more information about me and it intrests any kins that may have need of someone like me.

    Thanks for reading!!

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    Re: Still Kin searching

    Contact me in game (my 3 characters are listed in my signature).

    Clan of Dereth may be right for you. We're a larger kinship, but with a very friendly and helpful player base. Our member's helpful attitudes really makes the kinship feel like a family instead of a group of people that just chat occassionally. Even if we're not right for you, I may be able to point you towards other kinships that may be a better fit (that may not even check these forums).

    Either way, good luck finding the right kinship!

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    Re: Still Kin searching


    You might be a fit with the assorted misfits that make up Strayhold. Our recruiting is currently open, and it sounds like we might be a good fit for you.

    We're a medium sized kinship that has been around and under the same leadership since LOTRO launched. We've got a pretty stable group of people, many of whom have been around for 2+ years. We've got all age ranges, from the 20s to the 60s and we really try to keep a medium kinship "feel", where everyone knows one another and everyone is welcome to come along on raids, instances, etc. Like yourself we have a lot of altahaolics, and lots of folks have multiple 65s.

    Have a look at our website (http://kinship.strayhold.com). We've got a very active forum section where we all keep in touch out of game. There's a lot of fun stuff on there.

    Feel free to contact me in-game if you have any questions. Like Brushfire said, good luck finding a group that suits you!
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    Re: Still Kin searching

    Calayesse is also accepting new members. We are small but been here since Day 1. We are more the social sort of kin consisting of mostly casual players who play for fun. We have characters of all levels including a few that are working through their 60's, a couple of 65'ers, some new people who just started playing. Look us up if interested, best choices for a tell this week would be Marcomer or Conedain.
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    Re: Still Kin searching

    I agree with everything Eldrenath said except for this gem:

    Quote Originally Posted by scrumtrelescent View Post
    We've got a pretty stable group of people
    We are anything BUT, sir. Good day. I SAID GOOD DAY.

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