Hey you new and old players! The Burning KNights kinship is recruiting all! young and old, inexperienced and uber!
We started in August 2009 and are now a Rank 10 Kinship (max).
With over 30 active members we love to recruit everyone we can for a fun, exciting, and helpful experience for all who join!
We have a website, (Burning-knights.guildlaunch.com) and a vent server!

We are casually hardcore, so play however you like! We dont kick for not having uber epic ultimate stats or you dont play this way or that way or whatever. Be who you are, and we'll accept ya!

I'm a leader that loves to get people into instances, so when you are at the level for instances, be prepared to be invited to them!

We try to do instances everynight and whenever we can! Big runs are scheduled but everything else is just "hey u wanna do this?" "sure!" *Start instance* haha

If you're interested send me a tell when im online, ask an officer, or send me a mail!

cya in the game!

-ZeroTrigger, Leader of Burning Knights