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    Post Help w/ chat settings

    Just a quick one here to help the new players:

    I'd really recommend the following settings for the chat tabs (right click on them, add new tabs, and change the filters on each) so that you don't accidentally miss something that might be useful for you :

    General - standard
    Social - Fellowship / Kinship / Raid only
    Combat - standard
    Local - OOC / Advice / LFF / Channel 1 only
    PM - standard

    also can everyone do /joinchannel glff which (if it's the first user channel you've entered) will then become GLFF (which is the global LFF channel)

    remember the following chats also:
    /f is fellowship
    /ra is raid
    /k is kinship
    /ooc is out of character
    /trade is for..... trading haha
    /1 is for GLFF
    /lff is for looking for fellowship

    Hope to see you all in game!


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    Re: Help w/ chat settings

    Also you have /advice for asking for help or answering someones query.



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