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Thread: Auxilium

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    Post Auxilium

    A new kinship, created specifically for teaching new players the ropes, is now recruiting.
    (This means we mainly recruit pre-lv20s)

    We have a website which is under construction with some free class guides : www.auxilium.lotrosites.com : and we are arranging a ventrillo server for those who wish to use it.

    Member count currently stands at 50, with most players in North America, but we do have a few Europeans also.

    We are also seeking more active officers - veterans to the game who are happy to help build a new kinship and try to get the FTP players interested in the game.

    For further info please contact Havig in game via mail, or via a forum post here!

    - Auxilium HQ

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    Re: Auxilium

    Now running regular Great Barrows and Skirmish runs..... we even managed the 6-man Tuckborough skirmish without a healer/off-healer!

    we are 2 months away from a Kin house but all members can use my deluxe house until then.

    recruiting new players who would like to learn the game
    also recruiting more experienced players to help teach the new players in a kind of Q&A capacity

    see you all in game!


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    Re: Auxilium

    I have a couple of toons, I am new to the game, but I did play a far bit of wow 4 80's before SWMBO requested a MMO timeout. At this point I am running 2 accounts one for me and one for my kids and we are a package one is a mad instance runner the other 2 are more casual but know not to be a pain. We have 6 toons on the go right now to try stuff out a 16 champ 15 guard and RK and hunter, min and LM. We would probably be higher but we spent too much time crafting, every major vocation is journymen or so.

    toon names
    Ciron and Airon

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    Re: Auxilium

    i'll add u in game and we can have a chat, would be great to add your family to ours!

    for general recruitment info ; we have now stopped OOC recruiting, it's by request and recommendations only now :-)
    see you in game all!

    - havig



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