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    Global Class Channels

    Hello all.

    Forgive me if this is redundant or if I am missing something, but in *other* games there are often global or serverwide chat channels dedicated to each class, where people of that class or people interested in that class can go to talk shop. I think it is a shame there isn't anything like this in lotro, so I'm starting one up for loremasters. If you'd like to talk shop with me or other loremasters on Vilya, go ahead and

    /joinchannel loremasters

    and we'll see you in game.

    I recommend other classes follow suit as well, and perhaps follow the same basic formula: class name, no hyphens, plural, one word, as in burglars, runekeepers, champions, and so on.

    If you like this idea, spread the word in your kins and in ooc some, and hopefully it will catch on.

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    Re: Global Class Channels

    Hmm.. If I join a Captains channel I'll have to leave AskBinoros!! What to do?...
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    Re: Global Class Channels

    there is/was a class channel for Burglars... but the first rule about the burglar channel was not talking about the burglar channel....

    wait... uh-oh...

    {Glaces behind to check for stealth burgs}



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