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Thread: LFK

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    Recently returned hobbit is seeking a kinship - Must be DD free (cremes are 'spensive)

    Must like hobbits
    Must like hunters
    Must like hunter pulling too much aggro and getting grp wiped
    Must like running back to instance due to hobbit aggro/party wipe
    Must haz lotsa tasty lembas n pies for hobbit
    Must like Namebrand


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    Re: LFK

    Strayhold is currently recruiting. We've been around for a long time, we're a medium size kin with a lot of very long-term active members. We do like hobbits, but the reason to like hobbits is a topic of some debate on our forums. To some, hobbits are best roasting over a spit and are deeeeelicious. To others, hobbits are for...well, the usual hobbit stuff. Ale and dancing, I suppose.

    We definitely are used to aggro/party wipes. Usually this is due to our kin leader, Blackhawk, but we can adjust to hobbit-led wipes as well. There are definitely lots of Lembas and pies as well.

    Have a look at our website--http://kinship.strayhold.com. We've got a pretty active forum with lotsa fun stuff. Drop by and have a look and see if we might be what you're looking for.
    Player of Netherlad
    Strayhold Kinship
    Landroval Server



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