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    Switching servers

    I know this will be a total nub question but I did search and couldn't find a definative answer...

    A friend of mine started playing on another server and wants to come over to Dwarrow (but doesn't want to start all over). Is there no way to have a character moved from one server to another?

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    Question Re: Switching servers

    I believe it depends on, which server he wants to move from.
    As far as I'm concerned, no "existing characters" (characters created before F2P) from the old servers, can be moved to new servers (That came along F2P). Furthermore, any transportation of characters from old servers to the new servers, will "possibly" not be available, or atleast not in the near future.
    However, transportation of characters between "new" servers, "may" be possible by purchasing it. But we probably need a quote to confirm that.
    Nevertheless, I don't think it's possible so far, unfortunately.

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    Re: Switching servers

    - Your friend will have to make a new character. Transfers won't be allowed anytime soon ... and at current, they take a couple weeks to happen on the old servers anyhow. I really hope they do not allow them for at least a year, to give the new servers time to grow. Would hate to see a slew of higher level characters swoop in and change the dynamic of the server overnight.

    - As for your friend, his content purchases will carry over to the new server (quest packs, traits slots, etc). But no items, riding skill, etc will.



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