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    Legendary Shards to Fragment Conversion

    Surely been suggested before.

    Make it a 30:1 conversion rate. Or more if you really want to.

    Considering what you did to Symbols its not going to hurt the game in any way, shape or form.
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    Re: Legendary Shards to Fragment Conversion

    Yeah well. I would not hold your breath on this idea.

    Turbine seems to be totally opposed with taking lower level rewards and converting them to higher level rewards. You see this in all their systems. Barter down is easy. Barter up is very limited or not possible at all.

    No take your Moria coins and get Mirkwood coins. No take your Moria heritage runes and get Mirkwood runes.

    Is there anything you can get for doing Moria content that can be converted into something workable with Mirkwood content? Beyond the obvious like - keep your Moria level 60 2nd age legendary item. Not switch to a Mirkwood legendary item.

    IMHO - When the level cap goes up. Turbine going to put in another solid wall with a little arch way. There is going to be another old man with a stick clone at the arch way with a stack of boxes. You shall not pass Tantalus. Put your Mirkwood stuff in a box. Label it. It will be here when you come back.
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