To celebrate Falathlorn Day (, the Tinnu are sponsoring an Open House and neighborhood party! At 3pm EST this Sunday, Sept. 19, we will meet up at the kinship house (5 Waterbank Road, Tum Raen, Falathlorn) for a few moments to introduce ourselves to any new friends and give folks a chance to see the house. Shortly after 3:00 we will head to the home of Tuiliel (7 Haven Way, Iavasant, Falathlorn) for a grand party, Tinnu style! We'll play music, exchange gifts, enjoy drinks and snacks, have a scavenger hunt, and whatever else strikes our fancy. All are welcome--whether you are interested in the kinship, want to make new friends, or just like a good party, join us! (If you can't find us due to layering issues, send a tell to Tuiliel or Digger and we'll help.)

Tinnu uin Galadhrim is a casual, friendly, and social kinship that values friendship and helping other adventurers above all else. We enjoy social events and music, love the world that Tolkien created, and some of us enjoy light roleplay, but we accept a range of playstyles among people who share our values of friendship, helpfulness, maturity, balance between real life and game life, and lack of drama.