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    Population worries

    Im a new comer to LotRO, just obtained a subscription yesterday, and chose Brandywine because of the population first and foremost.

    By doing so, as in other games, goods/services tend to be cheaper because of the competition etc. You can always find "blahblah" in abundance and not have to worrry about waiting til Tues when "that one guy" checks in for 30 mins. Being a new player and having NO currency, I wont be able to weather the storm and pay the hyper inflated rates that are sure to happen as older more established players can.

    That being said, alot of names I like are available and I can become one of the server high levels, top the charts in kills in monster play, (or in deaths )....

    Just looking for a few opinions on this matter. I know alot of you are a hell of alot smarter then me and hopefully help me put aside some worries.

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    Re: Population worries

    I can understand why you'd feel that way -- it's a valid concern.

    When I returned to LOTRO, I rolled new characters here instead of continuing on Landroval, leaving behind a 40-something character with a sack full of money and an overstocked AH. But I'm loving it. Getting in on the ground floor in a blossoming community appeals to me, as does the feeling of "starting over". And I am an impatient man -- server queues bug the ever-lovin' crapola out of me.

    So far, though, I'm not noticing the problems you're worried about. Sure, I can't find hunter traps on the AH, for example, but that's forced me to do something I've never really done before and make an actual crafter rather than just a gatherer. And I know that, at some point, there *will* be more class-specific and lesser-demand items because the community's growing.

    Also: I haven't noticed horribly inflated prices, but I don't do too much AH shopping for gear or things I can pick up by questing and exploring. But the times I have gone browsing, for every tool trying to sell a cheap item for 500 silver, there's someone else with far more realistic (and perhaps altruistic, given that we're all new here) intentions selling the same item for 10s.

    Just my two cents. You're not wrong for being worried, but as a proud new Crickhollow resident, I haven't really experienced any of the things you're worried about.
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    Re: Population worries

    I think inflated prices are less of a problem on a new server because there are no high level players with pots of gold willing and able to sub their lower level characters. So I would say price isn't an issue here. Availability, however, can be since there are fewer crafters selling their goods on the AH. For example, my minstrel really could do with a good drum and so far I haven't seen any on the AH - where are you woodworkers?!

    But this doesn't bother me since it pushes me to be a bit more creative - craft what I need for myself, ask in the trade channel, join a kin, or ask friends to help out. I was also drawn here by the opportunity to see a new community develop. Trading in goods/ services is one of those aspects of a community that develops with the population. To me, trading on Crickhollow is a positive and not a negative!

    One final thought, at low levels there really aren't any "must have" items in this game. But your concerns may become more valid as the population reaches the upper levels and folks are chasing down harder to obtain goods such as class items, legendaries, etc. I, for one, am intersted to see exactly what happens and will be sticking around to find out.



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