Squad 288 (aka Squad CCLXXXVIII) is seeking to expand it’s membership. We are currently a small Rank 10 kinship, with a strong core group that is interested in finding more like minded people to play with. Why consider Squad 288?

-Fun loving, mellow kinship that abhors drama.
-Mature and diverse group of players that love the game
-No mandatory playing requirements - we want people to play what they’re comfortable with. It’s a game, not a job!
-We like to be knowledgable and understand how the game works.
-We work together towards common goals and work to help each other improve.
-We respect different playstyles.
-We enjoy just about everything in the game!
-We also take into account what players would like to do for events, and get them scheduled.

We have four basic rules:
1) Have fun
2) No drama
3) Help each other
4) Be respectful

We have a website and forums at http://www.squad288.us/, as well as Teamspeak. We have no age restrictions, but we do like people to be mature. Which isn’t to say we don’t crack weird jokes; we do! We run the range in age from a grandfather to his granddaughter and all sorts in between.

We’re a group that considers ourselves friends. We look out for each other, and these are some of the best people I know, not to mention game with.

Our name comes from the real Squad 288 in New York, who lost many brave firefighters on 9/11. One of those was a good friend of our leader, and so Squad 288 is a tribute to the brave, to real life heroes. I joined 288 because of this grounding in reality; our name is very important to us for this reason.

You can contact me here or ingame as Riorean, or look for Arlik or Nordoots ingame. We would all be happy to talk to you about Squad 288! Please feel free to also visit our site, sign up for a forum account, and fill out the clan application. Regardless of what kinship you are in, we hope to see you in game!

(Cavallari of Squad 288)