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    Casual player looking for like minded kin.

    I am a former Lifer (what do we call those now that it's f2p?) w/ MoM & SoM that has been with the game for 3 years now. I'm looking for a fairly-casual kin focusing on having fun/questing/deeding/possible raiding or PvMP. My goal is to get my main (Eridryt) to 65. I would like to try to get him some raid gear, but that's not terribly important to me. I really enjoyed the Moores when I was able to go there, pre-MoM level hike, on my then-main (Dijonath), so I would like to try doing some of that again.

    My current kin, which I also started (Heralds of the Third Age), has sadly fallen quiet due to my members (mostly RL friends) having increasing RL responsibilities. As I am in my mid 20's, I would prefer a mature kin with at least the majority of its members at or above that age range. I don't mind younger players, as long as they are mature which hasn't really been a problem with LotRO (I tried WoW for about a week before I ran back to LotRO due to maturity level).

    I try be on once or twice during the week, and a couple times on the weekend. Due to RL situations (work & night classes) most of my play time is on weekends, but I try to at least check in (mail, AH, etc.) once every 2-3 days. I am on eastern time zone. If I'm on during the week it is usually 6:30ish to 9/9:30ish. Weekends I could be on at any time of the day, usually between 10:30ish AM to midnight or later.

    Reply here or mail/message me in-game (Eridryt, Dijonath, Helmdryd, Balthelion, Baldurnath, Redalas, Brigwald, Eridryd).

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    Re: Casual player looking for like minded kin.

    Greetings, and welcome back to LOTRO.

    Sounds like you could possibly be a good fit with Strayhold. Here's some basic info:

    1) We have many different types of players, from very casual to folks who love to raid and PvMP and do so whenever they can. All types are welcome--our main goal is to provide a fun gaming experience. We do lots of stuff as a kin, instances, questing, crafting, etc etc.

    2) You indicated you preferred adults. We're pretty much all adults, 25+ (ranging right up into the 50s and 60s). Also we are awesome.

    3) Our web address: http://kinship.strayhold.com. Lots of information about the kin.

    4) As previously mentioned, we are awesome.

    Wherever you land, welcome back to LOTRO.

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    Re: Casual player looking for like minded kin.

    Quote Originally Posted by scrumtrelescent View Post
    Also we are awesome.
    Judging by the website, I think I can say this is a fair assumption.

    You guys seem like a pretty fun group. Is there someone in particular I should message in game to get an inv?

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    Re: Casual player looking for like minded kin.

    I sent you a PM with some informations.



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