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    Looking for friends

    Just Landed on Crickhollow after a long absence. Life just get's in the way sometimes. I though one of the "New" servers would be a good place because everyone starts fresh, so I won't have to play catch up. I've looked at the various posts made by kinships on the server. I'm kind of nervous. I'm not averse to RP, but as I have never done it before, I'm reluctant to join an RP kinship, and that seems to be most of what's out there. I am respectful of RP and play along as best I can. Back on Landroval involvment was inevitable when you spend as much time in Bree as I do. I'm testing out some characters and haven't really declared a main yet, but I wanted to get a feel for what's out there and get my name on the boards. Any groups out there looking for a new Champion, Hunter, or Captain?

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    Re: Looking for friends

    Friends are always a good thing.
    New friends are a particularly good thing.

    I am in the same boat as you, approaching the RP in a cautious manner. I am interested in joining a RP kin, but am trying to find the right one.

    If you want to talk or explore or just go out and do some quests, feel free to message me. I am on my main Pennbor, or on my #1 alt Panbor (Rune-keeper and Lore-master) usually and would be happy to compare some notes and kick some stones (my family just moved from Central Florida, by the way).

    Best to you!

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    Re: Looking for friends

    The Weathertop Militia is a fine bunch of fellows, once you get past their loud, drunken boasting, of course! We are RP lite, medium, or heavy... all depending on you!

    If you would like to fellow-up and enjoy Middle-Earth, just ask one of our members for a group invite. That is truely the best way to enjoy the realm and experience what life is like in the Militia.

    [b][color=gold]Dragor Stoneheart ~ [url=http://www.guildportal.com/Guild.aspx?GuildID=373380&TabID=3134226][u]Weathertop Militia[/u][/url][/color][/b]

    [b][color=lightgreen]Guardian ~ Race of Man[/color][/b]



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